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jerrytyler1 on ebay

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I think I probably know the answer to this, but I'll ask the experts anyway: Is jerrytyler1 a reputable seller on ebay? He has a 100% money back guarantee (incl. shipping to and from) and no neg feedbacks. Some of the neutral feedbacks call his Diesels fake. Anyone who has had an experience let me know....

By the way, authentic Burberry is incredibly stylish and sophisticated...
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Jerry Tyler is selling the exact same stuff as everyone else he has the same knock off jeans I bought and the knock off coach wallet from him. He does have excellent customer service but. He has about 3 other aliases to on Ebay in case one of his auctions gets Vero'd. You can tell they all have the same exact stuff on them and the same state as location. the only one that comes to mind right now is jerryanddenise I think it is. That or whatever his wifes name is lol
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This is how his tagline should read 100% Rating, 100% Return Policy,100% Fake. That 100% rating aint gonna last long, i guarantee it.
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I agree Josh unfortunately I think most people know they are buying fake but since it is so much cheaper they buy it for the name brand. It's purely vanity.
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