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yoox.com authentic or fake sellers?

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Can anyone just clarify if these are authentic or fake sellers?

Has anyone ever bought anything from them?
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haha they are 100% legit - i dont think HF would want them as an advertiser if they sold fakes...
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I thought that, but I dont no why I googled it and some said their fake and have a terrible return policy - which I thought was strange??
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yoox is as legit as ssense, emoda, or revolve.

legit doesn't mean they have great customer service, reasonable shipping rates, or fair return/other policies ... (and I'm not trying to suggest to the contrary, I've never bought from them) ... but their merchandise is authentic.
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Actually Yoox while 99.9% of the time is legit and authentic, they have been known to sell fakes on occasion, not because they're viciously selling them but i think the problem is lack of knowledge of the product, but just check the diesel section there have been fake diesels sold on Yoox.

So just keep that in mind and remember to look over your purchases and double check if they're fake just send it back.
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wow, brutal ... thanks for the heads up Nova, i'd never heard that before!
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i think it's rare but i know it has happend i remember gam29 (le boyfriend) reading it in the diesel section and i was shocked... but i think they buy overstock and u know if they buy from some company that sells fakes occasionally they probably don't know any better!
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wow! good to know
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yea i mean i dont think it happens often but a good once over any product should give u a good idea if it's legit!
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Lilcram, you can't go by the ads that are posted on HF- I think there is some kind of contract or something that allows advertisements to line the page and not all of them are authentics. There have been a few members who have bought things from websites advertised at the side of the page or whatever and they've been fake- it's best to go through and use the authentic sellers list than to EVER use one of the banner ads.
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Yeh nova is right, they have been known to sell fake diesel before, ive seen them on there but they are mostly authentic i think there were just a couple of slip ups.
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dannys girl yoox, shopbop, njc, etc pay hf to be on here. the google ads are the fake whole sites. i guess you just have to be careful everywhere, just like you can find a pair of fake jeans at bloomingdales, etc.

PS. why was this started in the RR section, they dont sell RR on yoox , do they?
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Yeh they do - not a great selection though
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Thanks for all your input, I've just bought something from them which my sister-in-law bought from Harvey Nics, so when I receive it, I will let you know whether its real. Although, I must say the sizing doesnt quite add up. The item says its UK8 I40, but all my stuff made in italy actually says UK10 is I40, which means UK8 should be I38 - so fingers crossed the item isn't fake.
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i'm sure that it is not fake it's a very rare occurrence but it's always good to know so you can be extra sure <3
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Yeah, I don't think its fake, but I wonder why the sizing is wrong? Well, I should find out in a few days.
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I just received my item from Yoox and its 100% real! (It took 4 days).I even managed to get the size I needed (IT 40 = UK 10 not UK 8 as they had stated) They have just incorrectly converted the sizes, so you must always go by what size is stated on label, not what they say.
This is the correct conversions:
IT36 UK6 US2
IT38 UK8 US4
IT40 UK10 US6
IT42 UK12 US8
IT44 UK14 US10
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That could happen at any retailer potentially if they don't look closely enough at their returns, they could be returned a fake and resell it.
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They normaly have this red security tag on their items well on diesel jeans they do which you cant remove and if its broken they wont accept the returns but i guess it could be possible.
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seriosly if any of there stuff was fake do you think, kylie monogue, florence and the machines and yoko ono would be representing it... hmmm i dont think soo some how

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Dude this thread is over THREE years old. These people arent even here anymore.

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I ordered a pair of jeans from robertocavalli.com recently and on my banking account I could see the transaction as paid to YOOX.COM

The jeans came from Roberto Cavalli, authentic, with all the tags and stuff - like it is supposed to be with the official designer website. Thus I don't think yoox is all fake - too many official designer websites are powered by it... it just doesn't make any sense. However, I believe that it is possible that they don't really check the returns they are accepting, so when the item is resold it can turn out to be fake - like you can get a pair of fake loubis from saks fifth avenue... it is just sad how some people cheat...

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To be honest I do not think Yoox holds fake products. Their site is very professionally done and I've ordered tons of times before with no problems at all. It's a bit pricy, but that's because the items are authentic. vans.php

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yes yoox is undoubtedly authentic in all they sell

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Any good new stuff from yoox?

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