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^^ I think thats a mistake on Diesel store, that cut isn't Thanaz!
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thats kander 88z, they got switched.
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Originally Posted by zdenal_cz View Post
check the thanaz 8kw with zippers on diesel online store
Those don't look like Thanaz, they must be mislabeled.
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Originally Posted by ryanduke View Post
^Yeah I'm pretty sure these are gonna stretch out a bit. Right now they're tight but they're brand new.
Bumping an old thread.

You said you went with your bigger size right ? I see its W30. So I went with W31 cos Normally its W30 for me. and I hope they'll be perfect !
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i sized down... they run really big...
atleast mine do...
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i just ordered these online
do u know if they fit as tight as the 73j's?
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they are way bigger than the 73j
im rocking a 28x32 in 8kw and a 29x30 in 73j (and they are still really tight)
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are they tighter than the ones in my thread?
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about the same maybe a tad bit looser..
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^^ How they fit compare to 71B ??
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mr. skinny, how do you wear your thanaz? you wear them pretty tight?
i dont want them super clingy to my thighs, want them to be a little roomy
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lol, i think it's Mr. w0wiest
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haha oops, i meant wowieet, the avatar threw me off
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Cool wash a la 80's/90's stonewash.
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i wear them as tight as i can without being uncomfortable since they always stretch out in the waist after a while...
i sag a decent amount though
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well i just receieved them, and they fit perfectly actually, i'm glad i got one size bigger, cuz they are still a slight bit tight, but i think they'll stretch out nicely

but thing is i got em from the online store, and it came with used chapstick in the pocket and some weird stains, so i called diesel customer service and they are resending me a new one, free express shipping and all that jazz
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That's hilarious.
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yea man! imagine how i felt when i reached in the pocket, i was kinda grossed out
good thing they were so cool about it
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o btw these jeans look pretty sexy in real life
tried em on in front of some people and they all loved it
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dont wash them...
it takes ALL the color out of them...
i made that mistake a long time ago but now ive got them extra dirty again...
just the way i like it
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^^ Kevin : So you sized up then ??
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well, the thing is i wore my thanaz before super tight, so i actually sized down them before, i bought the 8kw in my true size, 29x32,, and they fit right now like my 28x32's that have been streched out, but bottom line i bought these my regular size
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hey wowieet, how much did your 8kw's stretch out overtime? and where did u feel they got looser?
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I received my pair today, and they feel kinda loose. My tts size is 30 and these are 31. So the question is should I size down (which probably will be impossible cos I got last smallest pair from online store) or should I keep them ?

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