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Originally Posted by TigiStylist
What % off retail are we talking? That is the bottom line. Also what style? I only wear the Joeys, and it has to beat any other online stores deal. If not it'd just a big pain for blm.
I'd be interested too, but I'd have to agree with what TigiStylist said on all accounts . . . except for the only wearing Joeys part. *NODS* Keep us posted!
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count me in for another size 24!
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Hi, I'd be interested in 26 depending on the discount. Thanks.
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im another interested spectator in †his dealio.
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depending ont he price, im also in for a 27.
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I'm in depending on style and $$$
31 /32
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depends on how much and what style but I'm interested.
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Fab! Depending on the discount, I'm in for a couple of pairs (if you have different styles... I think I forgot what you said in your original post...) If not, just one for me maybe. I mean, hey... I've just bought 3 pairs of TR's and a pair of SFAM in the past 2 weeks... why not go in for more? LOL I'm addicted! Plus, why not - they're discount... my favorite word!

What's the discount?
What styles do you have?
Are you giving better deals than online stores?

Fill us in!

I'm a 28 or 29 btw. Hopefully you'll have more styles than I have...

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Wowww if this thing is legit count me in! I'm a 25-26...now I'm getting real excited
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Can you beat the 98 with tax I paid for my Dark Destroyed Joeys? Yes, they came from a retail store, and that was the total. So is your deal better then that, total?
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Hey all...I'm compiling a list of sizes and styles I have. I'll have it posted tomorrow evening. This is not set in stone so no quotes, but I'm looking at 30% off, shipping included. For those of you who were looking for something better than 30%...sorry to disappoint you...I just can't swing anything more than that. I need at least 15 people in order to do this. Once I've posted the listing, please PM me if you're still interested.

Tigistylist...sorry girl...but
A. I don't have dark destroyed in stock and

B. even if I did, that's less than I would have paid for them.

You got an EXCELLENT deal on those and I can not even come close to competing with that. Thanks for the interest though.
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Will you also ship to APO addresses or internationally?
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What is it that you have in stock? Did i miss it?
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i would love to buy a sz 25! will u post internationally? oh yay im excited
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List is still in the works, it will be up later today.

Have to clarify something, just in case anyone misunderstood the post. I'm clearing out what's left of my stock to make room for the new. Call it a discount, a sale, call it what you will...I thought people might like getting jeans for less than full price, but I didn't want to go through the hassle of listing each one individually. If you can get them cheaper somewhere else, please, by all means, go for it! Hey, give me the info. I enjoy great sales too! I still have to buy most of my things at retail just like everyone else, so I love discounts just as much as the next person.

Sorry, but I DON'T wholesale and I can't work out any sort of "joint orders". Either of these practices would have my accounts pulled faster than the speed of light ...ok maybe not THAT fast, but they would definitely be pulled if anyone were to find out.

*Steps on soapbox*

Regardless of whether anyone were or were not to find out is not really the point. I believe myself to be a person of integrity, with good morals and ethics and I'm not going to try and skirt around the issue with technicalities and justifcations that "they won't find out, if no one tells". It doesn't matter and I won't do it, so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE,stop asking me if I can, because I hate having to say no.

*Jumps down from soapbox*

Sorry, I had to get that out. I'm better now.

Again...clearing out leftover stock to make room for new stock...thought people might like jeans for less than full price. No more, no less.
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Size 27 here
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Ditto everything above. I am in for a size 29/30 in Joey, if available.
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Is this goint to HM?
Im in for 24.
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Originally Posted by wasntme
Size 27 here
me too!!
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I want some 30's... thanks!
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Is this goint to HM?
What is this HM thing you all keep mentioning?
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HM=Honest Mall...the place where people buy/sell items.
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Is there a website or something?
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Oh, wow, what a dork.
I see it now!
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Sorry this didn't go up last night...I typed it all out and then hit something and deleted the whole damn thing! AAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!I seriously thought my head was going to explode! So I packed it in early, rather than flinging my computer across the room.

Ready...here goes.

Normally shipping is included, but I have to pay for shipping twice (from me to BLM and then from BLM to you), so please add $4 to the HM price listed after each item.

Unfortunately, it looks like I only have my core sizes left...27-30, with a few 26's and 31's. I'll make a note to order more 24,25 and 32's next time!

Joey Cowgirl Destroyed - 27,28,29,30,31 Retail $216 HM $151

Joey Clearwater Dark - 26,27,28,29,30,31 Retail $240 HM $172

Bobby Big T Med. Pony Exp. - 26,27,28,29,30 Retail $240 HM $172

Blue Cult
Kate 5 pocket Rag - 27,28,29,30,31 Retail $152 HM $106

Kate 5 pocket Jade - 28,29,30,31 Retail $152 HM $106

Kate 5 pocket Star(crystals) - 27,28,29,30,31 Retail $165 HM $116

Weekender Flare Blue Topaz - 27,28,29,30,31 Retail $142 HM $99

Havana Crystals((Black) - 28,29,30,31 Retail $216 HM $151

Havana 2 - 28,30 Retail $187 HM $131

St. Tropez (Bootcut) 26,27,28,31 Retail $165 HM $116
(these have 2% stretch)

SFAM (I believe they are both bootcut, both have 2% stretch...my husband says the pompeii's have more of "loose" fit, than the resto of his 7's in the same size).

Pompeii 32,33,34 Retail $180 HM $108

Oslo 31,32,34 Retail $165 HM $ 99

Still finalizing details with BLM...so If you're interested please PM me with size and style preference...I'm putting a 2 per person limit, so everyone interested can have a shot, if there's any left...you're definitely welcome to them. If you have any questions...PM me!

NOTE: Since this is a discount based on a group order, I won't accept returns. PLEASE make sure you know your size. I will consider exchanges, but keep in mind a different size in your particular style may not be available...you'll also have to cover all shipping costs involved with the exchange. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS...PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE ASK ME BEFORE PURCHASING!

If it works out and y'all like it, I'll do it again next season!
Thanks again for your interest!
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