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any interest?...sorry, this is long

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So I'm just going to throw this out there...would there be any interest in a "group" purchase if a discount is involved? In other words, if x amount of people buy at once, y% discount will apply to all involved.

I ask because i am making room for new stock coming in January and if I can clear out most of my remaining stock, I'll be able to free up some capital and add to my already growing TR order. I can justify a nice discount if I have a bulk order, but for me to offer discounts like Revolve and others is just too hard if it's a pair here and a pair there. The ends don't justify the means, unfortunately. Not yet anyway.

Sorry, I got a little ahead of myself. I'm sure most of you are going "who in the HELL is this person?".

Little bit about myself I'm from Cali, and I love clothes...jeans in particular...and was a little tired of hitting up the malls/local boutiques only to see the same 4-5 styles of jeans, over and over, and when a new style finally did come in...they never had my size. I'm not the only one who felt like this, so did family and friends who also share my love of a great pair of jeans! So I thought I would open my own store and have all kinds of "different" styles and an abundance of sizes...I mean how hard could it be, right? I was sooooo wrong. I had owned my own business before, and it was NOTHING like this! After about 8 months of research and floundering, and a huge mistake that cost me a few thousand, I was going to pack it in, but happened to get into a conversation with friend of a friend, who mentioned a fashion market in LA that her sister (a clothing store owner) was going to...since I had my business license and sellers permit, I decided to go. I am so glad I did! Don't ask me how, but I managed to land an account with Blue Cult that day. And a few months later, after being shot down twice, I managed to convince the TR rep to take me on as an account. My favorite brand jean, and I was honored with an account! Anyway, it's not all gravy, even with my foot in the door, I still have those damn doors slamming in my face! It's a constant struggle and it's definitely not easy! But in my struggles I came across this forum, I learned a lot and thought it was awesome that there are so many people out there watching out for each other and willing to patiently and humorously point newbies in the right direction.

Anyway, I do have legit accounts (I have been given permission to sell in the HM, based on all the information I have provided to BLM14).

Back to the original point of this post...any interest in a group purchase = nice group discount? Details of stock/sizes/pricing available will follow if there turns out to be any interest.

Feel free to ask any questions.

And thanks for reading my novel!
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i'm in for size 24
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Well, I'm not easy. Can I call TR and verify your information? If all of us out in for jeans that is a lot of money total.
I'd need real proof that you are what you say.
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another size 24 here

And yes....TigiStylist has her point. Please keep us updated about the verification. I'm sure we all love to get jeans with discount as long as they are legit.
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if this is ligit, then i'm in.
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I'd love to be in too, a size 32 for me.
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i'm in too!!! Size 30 or 29
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count me in - size 29
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I'm assuming that you'd be getting them and then shipping them out to us?
How would we be paying you?
Also, what styles would you be buying that you would be offering us on the group buy?
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i think BLM passed on the pictures of the jeans this person is selling and they seem authentic to me. let me ask BLM to refer these pictures here.

in the meantime, can you give a name so we can confirm your TR account as Tigistylist mentioned? not sure if thats possible but if it is, then i think it would make your sales skyrocket
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i to to am interested. hope u can get guy stuff.
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Love the idea. I'm in with the verification too. Hopefully you understand since you yourself have lost money. What a shame. Sorry to hear that. I think that if everything is on the up and up you'll definitely have many people in from this board. I'm in too!
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im interested in size 24's as well...but what styles of TR?
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very interested if it is for real!
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I'd be interested too (if it's legit, like everyone else has said)
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Hey everyone, thanks for all the replies! I thought there might be some interest, but I wasn't 100% sure.

I can definitely appreciate your concerns and can speak from first hand experience about wanting to know if you're dealing with a legit seller, I absolutely know how it important it is! I have a PM out to Aipume and once I've heard back from him I will either retract the offer, or give you all the details. Just as you all need to protect yourselves, I need to make sure I don't jeopardize my accounts in anyway either. Sorry if that sounds evasive, but just hold on till I get a reply

I do want to clarify something...the items I was referring to are items I have in stock, ready to ship (they're all items I was going to list in HM), so there's no pre-ordering going on, and I'm not going to be stock piling a bunch of money, while you wait for your order. It was more of a "if I can sell 20 or 30 in one shot, everyone gets a discount"...I normally don't do discounts...yeah I know, probably to my detriment. It's still going to be treated like a sale in HM...you would all pay individually via safe method and I will ship your orders to you...only, my mail carrier will be freaking out, since it's more than the usual package he normally picks up every 2-3 days. I'll probably be dragging my nicely decorated TR butt to the post office for this one. :P

Again, thanks for the replies. I will let you know something soon!

Oh yeah, and for the guys, unforturnately all I have for men is a few pairs of 7's in Pompeii and Oslo. I never really had enough interest to justify carrying men's TR's, but if there is enough interest here, I will definitley check into whether TR will allow me to carry the men's line as well...and no, it's not a given that you automatically get to carry all 3 (women's, men's, kids), much to my husband's dismay.
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how much?
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I'm game- Size 28 / 29-
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if this is on the up and up, i'm definitely interested!!

size 28 or 29
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me too, can't wait till they get listed in HM
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I'm in ....also 28 or 29
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I'm in 29 or 30
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The concensus here:


Based on the sample pix she emailed me is that her stock is def legit. She also sent me scans of her orders from TR and blue cult. So far things look legit. In this PARTICULAR context, we maybe should consider using escrow? I wouldn't mind taking all payments and then using escrow myself to receive all the shipments etc. Just a thought. But based on the current evidence, her goods appear real!
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What % off retail are we talking? That is the bottom line. Also what style? I only wear the Joeys, and it has to beat any other online stores deal. If not it'd just a big pain for blm.
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