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PBJ slims

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These are the best pictures i could get for you guys, sorry!

Me finding a construction site, hopping the fence ... it was a lot of fun.

again ... off of my camera phone. im getting a new camera soon so better pics will come eventually
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I like how they look, surprisingly they are not that long, considering that raw denims tend to be really long.
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Great pic, I always say I have to be able to jump a fence in my denim. Well, your pbj's pass that test!

Parkour, anyone?
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I can't see much. What i can see looks good, though. Congrats !
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oh, trust me, jumping that fence wasnt the easiest thing to accomplish
i was scared that id blow the crotch or something

these jeans go good with everything, i swear. wearing uggs now (vancouver and the weathers absolute crap) and i love the stacking at the bottom.
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YAY cute and fun pictures! Since you mentioned it in your PM, I will make this public. Why does my EXACT pair have a feather on the butt but yours is plain? Someone tell meeeeee!!!
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From what I can see, those look great!
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