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Yeah thats true---I didnt even look at the stretch thing. I just cant believe that the one girl got a pair from a reputable store, with an authentic barcode, and theyre not authentic! Oh well...she never did submit pics!!
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Hi Dave,
new email i just got:
I have a pair of "Flare" Sevens that I know are authentic because I paid full price for them at a legitimate store, and they match all criteria given perfectly. Except, they have a curved "9" in "29". The "9" is curved differently, however, than the fake ones in the picture, so maybe the difference is there. I don't have the technology to send a picture, but the "9" in the fake picture you have is more even, as in, it appears that if you were to connect the tail to the beginning it would for a perfect oval. That is not the case with mine, so*maybe that is a way to tell? I'm not a member of the forum and don't have time to become one right now, but if you mention that in a post I'd be interested to see if anyone else agrees. Keep up the good work, this is a very helpful site, I Learned a lot and I won't be ebaying for my Sevens anymore. Thanks!


also this topic is in its correct category.
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