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I am guessing that Levis are not classed as premium jeans even though they are getting rather pricey these days! £85 for a pair of Levis is quite steep although that's what they go for now!

Would anyone class them as premium??

Does anyone else still wear Levis as I do?

What about posting some pix?

It was hot today so I was out in the garden!
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It's not a bare ass....now that would be scary!!! Tee may like it though!!
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I used to wear Skinner until they ripped at seems after a night of drunken debauchery......for the price they chargin the quality is shit.
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I wear Levis as beater jeans since none of my Diesels are beat up enough yet.

PS please forward all feet pics to begret. thx.
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I wear Levis "511 Slim" sometimes...
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I wear 501s, 506, 507 and 512!! I'll post some pix!

Anyone else got pix to post???
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i have a pair of white levis that i boguht for 30 bucks and they fit like ass. 29x32 in them is too fucking short and the waist is tight, but thighs are loose. shitsux
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That's all my husband wears.
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Not got white Levis anymore....had a pair and never worn them!
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lol, did pee force you to make this thread
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No!! I was just interested to know who still wears Levis and get some pix going too!! I still like the classic 501s and still wear Levis myself!
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I have some Capital E Skinners in the Coveted wash which are pretty nice and I have some 510/511 in black and grey which fit quite nice.
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I grew up wearing shrink to fit 501's with my dad. Remember I'm around 100 years old. SO a long time.

But they don't look good on me anymore for whatever reason.

But I still love the idea of them as they are what started my denim fetish.

YES I said fetish.

NOT for feet though, (or cloWns).
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I'm starting to love levis. 514, 511, and the Capital E Heshers are all good fits, IMO.
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Here we are with my Levi 501 Limited Edition jeans

Yes I know the poses are gay...but they were for my gaydar profile!!!

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Heh heh, nice log.
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It took some straining to pass that log too!!
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You must eat a lot of granola and earthy grains! LOL
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levislad you have such a big peen

levislad, your id, even sounds like a fucking slang term for peen.
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You wouldn't think I could pass that log with my pert ass!!

...as for my peen...it's massive!!!
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Yeah, just keep it to yourself! ROFL

It skerrs me.
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I don't share it....my boyfriend would never approve!!!
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Originally Posted by A Clockwork Orange View Post
levislad you have such a big peen
I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed just how ridiculously long his feet look.
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