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Diesel Jeans Size Chart

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I didn't find any Diesel size chart in internet..

can you help me to convert this size in centimeters please?

waist 26 = ?

length 30 = ?

thank you!!

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measurements, especially in length, vary a lot depending on cut/wash
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^^ True and I wouldn't just go off of the label, but true measrements, but for a ballpark estimate:

26 in = 66.04cm
30 in = 76.2cm
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ZATINY 8RQ, if it can help..
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For a pair of Zatiny in 26x30... BRAND NEW the measurements are around 14.25-14.5" or 36.2CM - 36.8CM for the waist and inseam is normally between 30.5" and 31" or 77.5CM - 78.75"
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i usally go 1-2 sizes down from my regular eans size, i used to buy Paracuco jeans, in which i was a 31-31w, in diesel i get a 28w, then once they strech they are fine.

hope that helps

as for length......how tall are you??
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my waist is 76,5 centimeters (about 30,1’’)

now, for example I’m wearing levi’s 28x30: the jeans leg, from the crotch to the end, is 75 centimeters (29,5’’) (I’m not tall)

so I was thinking to take 26x30

what do you think?
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Go with a 26x30
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thank you guys!!!
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Thank God I found this topic. Need some help here. Im buying these two models.

Thavar 8aa

Thavar 8w7


Im a 6'2'' guy with long legs and also wide hips. Should i buy a 34? I use armani exchange skinny jeans and im wearing 34 for a 93 cms HIP. Big guy! Please, help!

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