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Naked and Famous, Japanese Denim

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UCLA is engrossed with students from Asia/Pacific, here for the sciences/medicine/etc...

Many are Japanese, and often are seem wearing some high-end designer labels as-well as lesser known brands--which seem to resurface in the mainstream US culture down the road.

I've noticed many wearing some fantastic denim samples, and just recently, I met a student who considers himself a "denimhead". He swears by a Canadian label called "Naked and Famous", cheaper than APC retail and constructed from high-end Japanese Selvedge denim...

His own jeans looked f**king gorgeous, insanely rigid...21oz!

Any thoughts on this brand? I know very little other than his strong position for the denim
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there's a few threads about it. i believe there are some on the barneys website too.
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s**t forgot about the search function, got it.
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Lol no biggie man. Check the Barney's website for pictars.
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There's also a huge thread about it over on SUFU.

And I think you can find it on sale if you Google it. I may have posted a couple womens sale items in the deals sticky.
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ya it aint top quality from what ive read...(but im gonna break em down anyways)

i saw a pair at BiG and thought about poss. buying some
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^sounds on par with Diesel sizing.
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I got a pair of the big slub and while the construction is nowhere near as nice as, say, pure blue the denim is really beautiful and unique.
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arent they zipper flys?

i prefer button
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Originally Posted by disco View Post
arent they zipper flys?

i prefer button
SkinnyGuy & SlimGuy have zippers but WeirdGuy has a button fly.

So they've finally released the 21oz...
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N&F are super streaky looking. I hope they make the same slims for women but less streaky. Bleh!
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I love them

I've had APC and Nudie jeans before which are great denim, but the black naked and famous skinny guys i got about 2 months ago are my all time favorite jeans! A.P.Cs new cures get to big in the crouch and hips, and Nudies cant seem to find the perfect hem. That asian guy is right, they are perfect! i think everyone should give them a go. Get your normal waist size.
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Personally, I will never buy Naked and Famous.
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I met the owner a while back and talked to him for a good few hours, a very knowledgeable guy. I personally own 3 pairs, and have nothing but good things to say. A lot of the denim used are the exact same denim fabrics used in other high end Japanese vintage style denim companies. What you have to keep in mind is N&F isn't trying to be Samurai. They are not trying to be vintage repo. They are modern fits with high end vintage style fabrics. No fuss, no muss. For the price you can do no wrong.
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wow maybe i will have to support a canadian company good thing i didnt buy the nudies on yoox.

I have never boughten a pair of raw jeans, so if i were to and iam like a size 30-31 sometimes fit 29's. What size should i get if i were looking at naked and famous weird guy. another question. it says the leg opneing is 15" wtf does that mean by the pictures it shows that its a pretty skinny opening.

Weird Guy - Indigo Selvedge at CO-OP Barneys New York
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Originally Posted by bradl View Post
I have never boughten...
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lol nope, just started lookin at them about 2 months ago. they are not that big up here. so i dont want to fuck up my first pair! or maybe ppl are wearing them, but since there usually isnt stuff on the back pockets i cant tell
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^ you are fucking clueless.
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.................... as i said i have never fuckin bought a pair you tool
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^jskidder was making fun of you. "Boughten" is not a word.
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making fun of someone, him noooo. but lol i havent been in enlgish for awhile so
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Its ok, I had understanding too
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