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SCAMMED $1575 by Ebayer in the Philippines! $100 cash reward!  

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I am told that this was actually a misunderstanding.
The person mentioned in this post had their account shut down against their knowledge and I jumped to conclusion because I have been scammed before by other Ebayers. I want to publicly apologize for the accusation.

Sorry again.
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fuckin' filipinos, lol.

sorry i'm no help
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That was totally a case of "inappropriate ad placement" :

Sorry I'm no help either...
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Liz I would pm anyone you think could help you! Good luck.
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It says the package arrived in the Phillipines today at 2:49 PM.

How did you get scammed?
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the account is stolen. so the money is being taken back by paypal. So I am out a handbag worth $1595 + tax and the payment she sent
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Damn you, BryanBoy!
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And this is exactly why I keep repeating over and over not to ship to unconfirmed addresses w/ paypal ... yet no one seems to listen ......

If you are a PS and are covered by extended coverage you still need a tracking number w/ full tracking ... USPS express does not provide that to MOST countries. You need to use UPS, DHL, FedEx. Yeah thats going to cost THE BUYER about $100+ more dollars BUT as a Powerseller w/ extended protection you are covered on eBay transactions ... nonpowersellers, powersellers w/ out extended protection and transactions outside of eBay are not included in this ....

but everyone should of course just ignore this post and keep shipping $1500 items overseas! Good luck!
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What's extended protection?

I am a Silver level Power Seller and the shipping I bought has full tracking.
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YOu would have had to sign up with the seller protection.
I would call paypal right now and see if they can do anything for you.
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That is the extend seller protection. You need to sign up to be covered.

USPS express does NOT provide full tracking to the Philippines. It says delivered abroad which is not full tracking. Full tracking needs to say:

delivered to MANILA, PHILIPPINES and you would need a signature in this case because the item is over $250.

Also since you are not covered by extended seller protection because you need to sign up to be covered ... you shipped to an unconfirmed address and so paypal seller protection does NOT cover you at all.
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Damn, treasurehoard knows everything, ha.

To OP, I hope everything works out and your problem is solved liz!
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why would you ship a $1600 purse to a person registered in the u.s. with 0 feedback that just registered on ebay and wants the item sent to a philippines address
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$1600, ouch.
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DenimBlog.com › Welcome to the DenimBlog Community! › General Topics › Chat › SCAMMED $1575 by Ebayer in the Philippines! $100 cash reward!