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paypal protection outside of eBay?

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I want to buy a pair of jeans from an eBay seller, but their listing ended and they don't want to pay extra to relist it if i'm going to buy it, and apparently they couldn't relist it for 31 days anyway as a result of eBay's retarded new rules system.

They have fine feedback, but I'm a cynic and a pessimist so I want to have a full understanding of how I will be protected in a transaction like this, since it won't be through HF/AF, which have separate moderation & adjudication processes to handle disputes.

If the seller sends me a paypal invoice and i pay them, clearly stating it is for goods, and I never receive the item, will PayPal do anything about it? Or is it only through eBay that they will handle disputes? I know when you send paypal payments it asks if it's for an ebay auction (and there's a space for the item number) or a good/service or "other" (i think).

So is there protection, or no? If anyone has experience or just knows the answer it would help me out and put my mind at ease!

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As long as you use your CC it should be fine because worse comes to worse you can always do a CC charge back.
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when doing an outside of ebay transaction you can do an item not received claim, you just can't file an item not as described claim
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From my experience, if you purchase items outside ebay you are NOT protected by Paypal however you can file a chargeback with your CC.
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according to paypal you are covered for ITEM NOT RECEIVED, but are NOT covered for nonebay purchases when it comes to ITEM NOT AS DECRIBED
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^ as stated above, you will be covered for INR claims only for off ebay site transaction using PayPal as a payment method. PayPal will not cover SNAD dispute if its not an eBay sale. So if you are worry about it be fake then make sure you fund the sale with your CC as your funding source. Worse case scenario you can file a charge back. But if the seller follow all seller protection policy, such as shipping with an online tracking method and sending it out within 7 days of receiving payment. Then the seller might be protected against chargebacks under seller protection policy. But that's a fight between PayPal and the cc company. But if you trust the seller's feedback, then you shouldn't have that much to worry about. At the end of the day, shopping online comes down to how much you trust someone.
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^ paypal seller protection ONLY protects seller in cases of fraudulen charges. if the buyer files an item not described chargeback seller is not protected. i learned this the hard way when some asswad did this to me
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It really is a gamble, but I do it several times a year on ebay. It's a really good way to negotiate the price with the seller. The item is automatically devalued when it's never bid upon. I've saved so much money this way. If they have really good feedback then I would do it. Pay with a CC though.
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