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Pocket cutting?

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The pockets in my PBJ's are driving me nuts. They keep bunching up and I am wanting to cut them. I never ever ever use my front pockets for anything. Has anyone else done this? They are just so annoying.

Also, with PBJ's, the very front thigh and crotch don't quite fit me yet. They fit fine everywhere else. But the crotch doesn't quite go all the way up, if you know what I mean. They kind of sag. I keep doing lunges in them. But they don't really stretch much at all. Any ideas? I don't want to wet stretch them again because I am afraid that will make them too big everywhere else. I can also see the waist being too big for me one day. Any ideas? Thanks duders!
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i think the crotch doesn't go all the way up because they're small in the thighs. initially mine didn't go all the way up either, but the thighs do eventually stretch more & then the crotch area will go up.

oh...and i'd like to know about the pockets too...
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Unfortunately i can't help you, audrey. I just wanted to say....

... I wish i had your problems !
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Thanks lady! I hope they go up soon because I feel awkward.
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I have taken most of the "pouch" of the pockets off before with good results. Not sewing the pocket shut, but reducing the size of the flap.

Tee that avatar is hideous and you know why
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I think I will just go snip them off. I have hand sewn the pockets back before but I won't even worry about it this time since these are going to be beaten to the ground anyways.

Beegs do you hate feet?
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Female feet ( Well, depends... ) are a wonderful thing <3
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My version of revealing clothing is wearing sandals. I have to do my own pedi because I CANNOT have some person touching my YOU KNOW.
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clown feet?
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Eww I don't have clown feet though, they are actually small for my HUGEmongous size.
But I don't like clowns or feet. So yeah.
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I read those things are size 11!!!

mine are 7 -7.5
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C'mon Bee...

What would be love without feet ?

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I have small feet. 6-6.5.

I like feet if they look pretty.

One of my girlfriends has size 11 feet. Weird.

I cut the pockets and they feel much better.
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^^^yeah, mine used to be that size too, but having run A LOT over the years and being o.l.d. now they are bigger.

Yeah, cutting the pockets takes out some of the lumps on the thigh. I have only had to do it acouple times but it makes quite a difference.

tee is trying to "foot me out"
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Size 11 What is that in Mens?
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It would be a size 9 in mens. I think.
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Paris Hilton and I have the same foots
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