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Pure Blue Japan 1069 slims *pictures*

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I finally got these to fit me. Wet stretching is unbelievable! I cannot believe how much these babies have stretched out. I am almost afraid they will be too big for me someday! I also don't understand why everyone said these were too tight in the thighs. They stretched out just fine and they fit perfectly all around. And I'm not the skinniest of all girls either.

A few questions first...

How long do you wait to wash for the first time? Same washing as Nudies? 60 degrees and no drying? Just let it air dry?

If they get too loose can I spritz them with some water and throw them in the dryer? I am afraid they will loosen a bit too much after some time.

Are fades generally decent with this particular brand? I STILL have yet to see any good fades on womens raws. I saw ONE pair on MyNudies.com and they were the SSK's and they looked awesome! But SSK doesn't seem to fade very well.

Anyways, here are pictures. They aren't the best. I am having a gross day today. And the jeans are still damp from wearing them in the shower I still can't believe I did that. If only my parents could have seen me...

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I think they look good. PBJ is awesome. I think you can get killer fades, but it won't happen over night. You have to wear them hard. I have a pair. I found that the waist didn't stretch much, but everywhere else did. I wore mine hard for 3 months and then washed them. Then I let them air dry. They shrank a little but stretched back out.

I just found them a bit uncomfortable in the waist. Did you have that problem?
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Well when I first got them I couldn't get them up over my hips LOL but now they fit me perfectly everywhere. The waist I just got soaking wet and put my hands in there and stretched it out. It seemed to work just fine.

So why only 3 months? Why not 6 or 9? Is that just for Nudies?
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the main reason i decided to wash them after 3 months was because I wore them hard for those 3 months, and the were pretty gross. I started to get a little self conscious about wearing them. If you want to wait 9 months or 12 months before washing them you can, but you will get more dynamic fades. By dynamic I mean they will go from dark to really light where the creases formed. Since I only waited 3 months, my fades were more gradual. They have more of a blended look.
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May I see?

LOL @ being self conscious haha!
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wear them for a few months, then you won't be laughing
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whash them whenever you want and however you want. they are just jeans. you will get the same amount of fades no matter how you care for them as long as you wear them a bunch. the only reason nudie says 6 months is because they do a shit job of dyeing them so they lose indigo very quickly when washed, so if you wash nudies too much they will become very light very fast leading to less contrast. with any quality jean you can wash them every week and be fine. wearing them a lot and hard is all that really matters.

i can't wait until people stop asking silly questions about washing their pants...
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Good fades is about how much you WEAR not how much you WASH. Some people like to wait longer between washes because you end up with more contrast between the worn areas and the non-worn areas. Also, there are some jeans (like Nudie) which lose a lot of indigo when washed and so fade in lame ways if washed frequently.

PBJs will hold their indigo quite well in the wash, and I've seen pix in a japanese magazine of a guy who washed his PBJs every week and they still came out nice after a year, if a bit more vintage-looking than most. Point is, it's really up to you.

PS: Those jeans have the best fit on you of any I've seen you post. Period.
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Those are gorgeous, Audrey.
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I love them!
they look good on you
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Oh, also you should always hang-dry...
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I think they look good, except for the "muffin top effect", due to the hella tight waist. Let's see how it looks when they're more strechted out...
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Thanks everyone!

Tee- That isn't a muffin top. Those are my curves LOL! I have nasty love handles. I hate them. But they are slowly going away.

Blm14- Thanks so much I was really worried these weren't going to look good on me judging by all the things I've heard about them. It makes me feel good to know that YOU out of all people think they look great on me. I am flattered.

Beegs- Thank you lady bird! When are YOU going to start posting your jeans? HMMM???

NYD- Thank you much!
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Worn about 7 consecutive times. Already the knees are fading! Holy crap! I love these jeans. Perfect amount of stacking. Perfect leg opening for stacking. However the crotch/thigh area still hasn't really stretched much, and I find myself pulling these jeans up a lot. Kind of annoying. But I love them! I know 7 days isn't progress really but to be honest I am just really bored and trying to fight off insomnia! Enjoy!

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I think the stacking looks really hot with high heels.
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those arent really fades - more like creases. But yeah the change with dry jeans is CONTINUOUS... Maybe not always fast but each wear changes them a little bit...
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sweet, pbjs! gj pa
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Ben- I meant the knees are fading already. Do you not see the contrast?
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Not really - isnt that just because the knees have bulged out a little?
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Probably. I think it's just wishful thinking. However when I look at the knees they appear to be a bit green in color rather than dark indigo blue. Eh...
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fades don't count if you have to examine the jeans for them :P
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Originally Posted by Mihalis View Post
fades don't count if you have to examine the jeans for them :P
*examine carefully*
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Those look great on you, they are very flattering. Can't wait to see them once they are broken in!
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When you wet stretched, did you get in the shower with them on and then just wear soaking wet for a while?
I need to do that with my skulls, they give me a gross muffin right now because they're so rigid.
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these are nice ass jeans..where did you buy and how much?
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