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FH balder size problems

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Hey guys, I recently bought the FH balder in the 28s thinking I needed them that big.

Turns out, I dont. And now they're still quite large on me even after two hot soaks (3 and a half hours in total). I'm told they'll stretch with wear? That doesn't work so well with me so I was hoping I could get some opinions on what to do? I've got some pictures to show how large they are. The one with me bending down is me pulling at the back of the thighs to show how much room I've got left.

Are we thinking sell and pick up the .... 26s?

Any help would be appreciated and if you know someone who'd like to trade for 26s or if you'd like to pick this pair up (I haven't worn them outside, I've only worn them inside for a total of about ... 5 minutes? before realizing that they're still way too big), PM me!


ps im using a camera phone. i can't find my camera so the quality isn't the best. sorry!
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Dang that sucks they are so big. I'm sure you could resell them but I believe someone said they are out of stock at self edge until October?
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yeah they definitely look too big on you! kiya did say on sufu that there's no new stock until october for these, but there's always a possibility of returns.
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Can't see much from the pictures because of the flash, should have ask your friend to take the pictures for you.

But then again, these are not supposed to be matic tight, if you want them to shrink more put it machine wash on HOT with no detergent and remove them before the spin cycle (or disable it as I can on mine), hang dry and see what happens from there.
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Those look a bit big, even by my standards which is WAY less tight than most on here.
Why did you get a 28? Your sig has a bitty size!

However (I know I sound like a broken record) this cut is a more traditional cut. It is not going to be the same silhouette as the usual brands.

I wish they were not so short post wash
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shit these are going up... if anyones interested, pm me
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How much do these actually shrink after soaking?
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i ... actually dont even know yet
ill get back to you with measurements once i get home
im at lax right now
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I hate that airport LOL!
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Unfortunately they're way too big, even if you're going for a more "baggy" look ! =( Especially the third pic kinda reminds me of my favorite bum around sweatpants...
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pre soak:
waist: 32"
rise: 8.3"
thigh: 11.1"
inseam: 36.5"

post soak:
waist: 30"
rise: 7.8-8.0"
thigh: 10"
inseam: 33"

these are all APPROXIMATE as its my first time measuring and im using the measuring guide off of BiG

however, here are a few fit pictures post soak & hot drying:

i know i know, shitty quality but it's still the best i can do under the circumstances
they're still too large so i think they'll have to go up. now the only thing left is whether i should buy the 26s or the 27s once SE gets a restock.

what do you guys think?

ps: here's today's vancouver sunrise. i thought it was pretty
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I cant see well from the pic
but they are still too large now, you just have to let them go.....
because they stretch A LOT!
btw, i lost almost 4 inches at the waist after the soak

PS: i think the time you took the picture was the time i just went to bed due to finishing my stoopid philosophy paper!!!!
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GORGEOUS sunrise today, eh?
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Sunrise from today? Vancouver isn't THAt far north!

Sorry those were too big. They are too short for me or I'd like them...
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Originally Posted by ndymiaw View Post
PS: i think the time you took the picture was the time i just went to bed due to finishing my stoopid philosophy paper!!!!
best class ever. Need a hand, holla at me, that's my fav subject.
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rock&republic : love the sunrise...... love the weather today also...... took a nap at English Bay
i hope you'll be able to sell the jeans and get another pair on October

Hisma: thank you so much for your offer
I suck big time at philosophy (i take it for elective), I'm actually a CHEM major (although, i kinda like logic )
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whoa ndymiaw i live so close to ebay
well, not really
i live closer to canada place but its all relative
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Originally Posted by rock&republic View Post
i live closer to canada place but its all relative
no way....
that's really close to my place
i live around tinseltown area and i can see canada place from my apartment
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are you serious?
i live in the shaw tower ...
this is weird
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