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FrankenNudie SSK's *pictures*

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A few months ago I posted a thread asking peoples opinions if my Nudie SSK's needed hemmed. They had a 34" inseam which for me is ridiculously long. I am only 5'5". So I took them in to get altered and also they tapered the leg opening to 6". MUCH better. They fit so much better now. However, I asked the lady to only hem them to a 32.5" inseam so I had enough room for shrinkage. They are at a 30" now...but they seriously fit perfect. I know they will probably shrink when washed, but what if I washed them on a cold/cold setting? This is the perfect inseam for me. Great amount of stacking (for me) and perfect if I wear flats. Your thoughts?

Here is what they used to look like...http://www.honestforum.com/dry-denim...html?tdisplay=

The pictures are on the last page.

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did you chainstitch them again?
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Looks great! There is a way to taper with the original seam, it looks like that is what your tailor did.

Nice hiney
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looks really good-definitely an improvement! the inseam shouldn't shrink too much on nudies-you could always wet stretch the inseam if they get a tad too short.
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Thanks all. No chainstitching on the new hems. I don't think the little old ladies down at the shop would know what the heck I was talking about. I love the way these look and feel on me now. So much more comfortable. Still can't button them without some severe muffin top. Hopefully they will stretch a bit more in the waist so they fit me properly. I am really glad I tapered these in an inch. So much better.
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Ew I just realized that shirt makes me look pregnant... ummm...
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after the honeycombs form, your stacks will diminish - a bit too short id say

after a wash you might consider cuffing them

hi jenn
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I didn't ask the tailor to make them 30 inches. They just kind of did it. I asked for a 32.5 inch inseam. Oh well. I really don't think these will be bad one I wash them. Because right now they are comfortable and perfect. It's not like Nudie SSK's fade much anyway. I was told Nudies only shrink about an inch in length? Even then they will be ok.
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those nudies aren't selvage, so they aren't chainstitched.
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^ They were when I first got them. (I think.)
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my TLJ arent selvage but they are chain stitch
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It's just a method of stitching. If you have a serger, you can do it.
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look great.
altho i'd say the hems couldve been made narrower, or thats just me?
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Narrower? Like more of a skinny fit or what?
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