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OMG! Guaranteed Authentic...

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Ah, but notice the seller never says "Seven for all Mankind" in the description. Tricky, tricky.

Don't laugh, but I kinda like the wash on the backside.
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Yeah but they still advertise them as those "7 Seven" jeans. They are not even those either.

Just nasty!
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They call them Flynts and "Seven for all mankind" is written on the tag, waistband and back pocket. This is the worst fake I'ver ever seen.
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LOL Believe it or not, there are a LOT worse!

NEW! SEVEN 7 FOR ALL MANKIND JEANS Sz 29 LOWRISE - eBay (item 170235526095 end time Jul-09-08 13:23:04 PDT)

Looks like a cat has dipped it's whiskers in white paint and pressed her face into these!
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OMG, I just noticed they had a bid on them!!!!!!
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I saw those too and almost posted! and the bidder is not even a new ebayer.
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Wow, both postings have been pulled. Maybe they are finally paying attention!
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May be they are visiting this forum and we should open a "Fake finds on ebay" thread and post the fake jeans auctions to help them out
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Wow, the seller of the second pair responded to my polite email about them being fake...she said, "So you are the one who thinks you are an expert? Did you know these jeans were purchased at nordstroms? I wrote ebay and told them how authentic they actually are. Your report will be logged as harassment."

I wonder where that log is located. Probably in the toilet where the jeans should go!! LOL
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