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Annie Sez SFAM clearance

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If you have an Annie Sez near your check out the clearance racks.. They have a good amount of SFAM for 25-75% off their store price which is already discounted at $99.99.

I was there with my lady friend, she tried a bunch on but nothing that thrilled her.

Even though Annie Sez is a ladies store they had some random guy pairs - but im not a 38, so it sucked.

But ladies, check it out!
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I've never heard of this store. Is it like Marshalls?
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I think there's one in Yonkers
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It much nicer/ smaller then Marshalls and TjMaxx.

Yeah i think there is one in Yonkers there is also one in Mt Kisco

There is a bunch in NJ thats where we were last night
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