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Flathead Balder Jeans-Do these look too big presoak?

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Just got these in the mail today from SE. They're a size 28 presoak & they're huge! Are these too big presoak? I've never worn unsanforized jeans before.

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the waist looks okay for presoak, but the legs definitely look "loose" for a slim cut.
You'll lose a good amount of length on the inseam, and the waist as well. The legs are what I'm worried about since the opening doesn't seem to taper very much. I'd try to size down 1 more if they'd let you, if not, you can soak them in steaming hot water for 2-3 hours and you'll get plenty of shrinkage. It'll look good post-soak, like I said I think the only thing I'd worry about is the leg opening (which can be fixed by a tailor if anything)
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^thanks! I would try & exchange but SE's sold out & they don't get a restock until October. I'm not so concerned with the leg opening because like you said i could take them to the tailor. I'm mainly concerned about the thighs (which are also really big), the waist, and the general fit.

Thanks for your help!
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wash them in a machine on the hottest setting (no detergent) and remove them before the spin. you could even dry them on high as well. it won't hurt the jeans and it will shrink them the max amount.
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I Am SO JEALOUS! Anyway, with STF the most shrinkage occurs in the waist and the inseam, but when Flathead says "slim" they aren't talking supertight like the ladies on HF usually prefer.

Those are the type of cut that I would wear, more of a boyish cut.
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As jskidder suggested, do a hot machine wash with no detergent and spin cycle, hang dry it, if it's still too loose, do another hot machine wash and machine dry it.

If not satisfied, sell.
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regardless of how you handle them, I think you really will be surprised how much unsanforized denim shrinks.
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^holy crap. these are now so tight they're brusing my hips! pics soon.
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if you cant size down then just do a hot wash and a single medium dry. They wont be fitted like a lot of the sized-down-2 womens stretch diesel but that's a stylistic thing. You wont achieve that look with a lot of the japanese raw brands; it's just not how they roll
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a couple of post soak pics:

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That looks like a nice fit.
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That looks very flattering on you! As I expected, the only area that looks like it could improve would be the leg opening, if you could taper those in somehow it would be absolutely perfect.
I hope you're happy because those looks awesome
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that looks like a pretty good fit to me. If you feel like they loosen up you can always hot soak them every month or so.
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I like them but does the bum area seem loose or is it because there isn't a lot of lighting and I can't see very well? That's crazy that they sold out of those in a week. HAHA! Congrats on grabbing a pair. I was hoping you would post pics because I knew you got some. They seem like they will be just fine, and like another member said, you can hot soak them periodically so they can be tighter again.
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thanks for all the feedback! they're starting to loosen a bit in the hip & become more comfortable although still incredibly stiff.
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What size are you normally?
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Did you end up hot soaking or hot machine washing them?
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hilarys54: i'm normally a size 26 in sevens & diesels
exhausted: i ended up hot soaking these for about 2 hours
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What size did you get?
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Originally Posted by plastic_alligator View Post
What size did you get?
read the first post
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Didn't even see that...
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just for reference

pre-soak according to SE:
waist: 32"
rise: 8.3"
thigh: 11.1"
inseam: 36.5"

post-soak measurements (before stretching) are:
waist: 29"
rise: 7.8"
thigh: 10.5"
Inseam: 33.25"
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wow they shrank a ton in the waist...
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And the rise! Making them sit even lower on the hips where it is bigger.
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