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I bought a Fake seven form ebay

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I found Honestdave.com after I received my seven jean from an ebay seller and exactly match what a fake jean looks like......
I email the websit to the seller to ask about it but he told me the jean is 100% authentic and he didn't know what I was talking about . If I can get a paper from an authorized dealer to prove it's a fake jaen then I can get my money back. Can anyone help me with that? I don't really want to keep a fake stuff......
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you can at least report him/her to ebay for selling fake goods labeled as authentic
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i dont think that reporting them to ebay will do you any good as it hasn't for me in the past. im currently in the process of returning some fake jeans myself. ebay does not help.
i suggest placing a claim with paypal (if that's what you used to pay) and/or consulting the matter with your credit card company which you used to purchase the jeans with...that's what i'm doing right now. i hope this was helpful and if anyone knows of a better solution, please enlighten us...
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To be honest with you, you probably wont get your money back. You've heard it many times, but buyers beware, you have to find out as much as you can about the product before you buy it. And a suggestion, never ever pay by money order, cheque or cash. If you pay by credit card through paypal you can always request for chargeback.

I've been screwed before on ebay and you live and learn. I found a Tiffany and Co. necklace and the picture and seller looked legit, had feedback and everything. I really wanted the item and didn't mind that they accepted money orders only. But when they sent me the address to ship the MO to, it was to a Hong Kong address, NOT to the US like the auction originally stated. But naive little me, sent them the MO anyways. I figured, I won the auction, I should follow though, and besides I didn't want negative feedback. So weeks went by and I didn't receive the item. I emailed the seller several times but she never responded. After about a 6 weeks of waiting, I went to the Bank to see if they could track the MO for me but they told that if it is a purchase through ebay, I would need to dispute it with them. And of course ebay wouldn't help either. I was out $100US, but now I know to ONLY buy from sellers that accept credit cards through paypal and have lots of positive feedback.
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sorry for your loss miranda. i myself have lost more than than on ebay
"ONLY buy from sellers that accept credit cards through paypal and have lots of positive feedback."
unfortunately this doesn't work either. most credit card companies will tell you to deal with paypal and/or ebay directly, from whom you will only get partial or no refund at all. bottomline guys, and i've said this before...just "DON'T BUY FROM EBAY". if something (anything at all) goes wrong, most probably no one will help you get your money back
unless you know legit individual sellers from past experience.
that's my opinion.
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