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Thanks in advance
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Look good to me but wait for the pros!
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Real Barcelona Kates
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Ahhhhhhh, I so want Kates!
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As do I. I found a cute used pair on eBay. The Hefner ones. They were amazing. Didn't make it home in time to bid though.
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I hate that! I've missed out on a couple pairs of Kates myself because I wasn't near a computer to bid. A couple weeks ago, a NWT pair in my size went for only $70-something shipped.
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^ Why don't you use a sniper girls?? You set it a soon as you see the auction and you never have to worry about being at home or near a computer again! I use eSnipe - Bid on eBay Automatically - eSnipe 3.0 and it does a wonderful job for me!

I hate seeing you losing all those good deals!!
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Hmmm... I never thought about that but it's definitely worth looking into. What's the cost after the free 14-day trial?
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D'oh, I didn't look at that site well enough. Those fees aren't bad. Thanks Ruth!
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