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My dad is 76. A whole other generation . Your dad is probably younger than me .

Anyway, my whole love of denim comes from my dad and those redline selvage 501's. He used to soak them in the bathtub and all that.

Samurai seems to fit most like those .
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My dad told me he used to work in the jeans industry, but when I showed him the self edge on the Samurai, he didn't know what it was :/
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Well we here on HF know.
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Originally Posted by blm14 View Post
They look pretty good post-soak. He PM'd me about my experiences with my pair and he said the waist was already tight so it was I who suggested he wear them during the soak. I've had good experiences with that method on jeans that were very tight in the waist at the beginning; it helped me avoid having to wear them around half-buttoned for weeks until they stretched.

Jskiddz, how many STF jeans do you own? It's been my experience so far that 20-40 minutes of very hot water is enough to bring the denim to an equilibrium point whereby any additional shrinkage from subsequent washes would quickly stretch back to the post-initial-soak sizing. This is based on my experiences with probably close to two-dozen pairs from various companies and of various denim types...

The only exception to this was my sugarcane SC40400N which I think is an outlier because those jeans aren't even made of cotton...
i've only had experience with 2 pairs, so you definitely know more than me. and i like my jeans tighter as well so i am all anal about getting the legs to shrink down as much as humanly possible.
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I mean all denims are different so I suppose that it's possible there are jeans which continue to shrink with longer soaks, but that just hasn't been my experience...

In your case skidz, I would just buy the jeans as though they were not STFs and make sure they're as tight as possible pre-soak. Then use my wear-during-soak method so they'll mould to your body perfectly heh.

In general too most of the shrinkage is going to be lengthwise - along where the selvage is. They'll shrink a small amount in width but generally speaking most of the shrinkage will be parallel to the selvage.
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I was not looking for a tight fit for this pair so it's normal it's not tight enough for jskidder's taste :P Anyhow I don't think this cut is slim cut so I don't want these to be "viker tight" on me.

However over at sufu they told me to machine wash it on hot to get rid of all the shrinkage as soon as possible, maybe I'll try that tonight.
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Ok... last pic, post hot machine wash without spin cycle. The waist shrank a bit more but I think it fits the same.

Finally I can start wearing these, I have been washing them more than wearing them lol

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yes, wear away! That fit looks pretty spot-on. You watch, the shrinkage you gained from the machine-wash will go away after a few days of wear.
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Will these stretch back to pre-soak size at the waist?
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No! Not to pre-soak, but probably to post-soak and pre-machine wash size. The VX denim will shrink up a little with each wash and then stretch back out again after a few days of wear. But not to the way it looked before you even got them wet. That's a state to which they will never return
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I had a lot of trouble figuring out which size to buy. I wanted it to be about 31" at the waist and looked at the size chart on BiG.. wanted to get size 31 but I heard from Gordon it'll take a few washes to shrink to tagged size and it has the potential to stretch back to pre-soak size. I went with size 30 thinking it'll always be between 30" and 32".

Right now the jeans are 31" at the waist. The first time I put them on after the hot wash required a little effort to button up (forgot to measure) but now it's easy job. Right now they sit comfortably, I hope these don't stretch to 32"

Should I have downsized to 29?
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Naw you'll be OK. The key is that you want them tight post-wash. Not being able to button the top button or two after that first hot soak is about what you're shooting for. The jeans will stretch but only so long as there's something pushing against them. Once they've stretched to fit your hip bones there wont be any further stress to make them stretch anymore and they'll stay. Besides you can always wash them and they'll tighten back up again. You can see the results of mine in the results thread from about 8ish months of washing every 4-8 weeks.
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Thanks for your help blm14.

I noticed the waistband stretched more near the button than the fly area, so my fly does not look vertical lol.
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I think they look OK, after getting chummy with your washing machine. For me they were to "vikerish", though.

PS: More bench-press and dumbbell pullovers for your chicken breast
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They're more "levanish" than "vikerish" at the moment (on me at least).
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Those seem to fit you so well, how much does this brand usually run for?
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The only place to get them in the us is Blue in Green so the prices are there. Your only other option is to buy from japan which is a bit cheaper but you cant try on, cant return, probably wont get free chainstitching, etc.
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I am planning to go to NYC later in august to get them hemmed, it's free at BiG right?
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If you purchased them from BiG then yes. Otherwise it's like $15 or $20...
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I bought them from BiG but I'm not sure if I still have the receipt...
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