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My Samurai s5000vx 17oz jeans

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Pre soak, stiff! Gonna soak them when I get the time..

Sorry no shoe/sock as I was just trying it on to take pikchas.

EDIT: Post soak pictures http://www.honestforum.com/1572129-post14.html
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post-soak pix please. Looks like it will be a nice fit...
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Damn those are stiff! Excited to see post-soak pictures.
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Oh those are S5000VX correct?
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^ Yes those are 17oz s5000vx, I didn't have time to soak these yet, I'll post some post-soak pics when I get the time to soak these.

edit: thanks for sizing help!
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it says post-soak before the pics. edit that, plz.
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I thought you were getting a black pair? Those look blue unless I'm colorblind...
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ryanduke: fixed

ri0tp00f: they did not have black in my size
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you soak those mofos yet?
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^ I'll soak them tonight while wearing them.
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I soaked your mom, bitch!
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^ My mom drowned you!

Here, more pics for you guys! Hang drying after soak.

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Originally Posted by exhausted View Post
^ My mom drowned you!
After I made her squirt
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Soak these for about 20 minutes with the hottest water I could handle, my head was sweating like crazy!

I took these pictures this morning while they were still a little wet near the hem, the seat and thigh were almost dry.

I'll measure them tonight to see how much they shrank. It takes so much effort to put them on, do the buttons and take them off
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soak again for longer and do not wear them during. they aren't tight so not sure why you would wear them during the soak. i think there is still LOTS of shrinkage left in those.
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I was afraid they would get too tight at the waist, I might soak these again tonight.
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They look pretty good post-soak. He PM'd me about my experiences with my pair and he said the waist was already tight so it was I who suggested he wear them during the soak. I've had good experiences with that method on jeans that were very tight in the waist at the beginning; it helped me avoid having to wear them around half-buttoned for weeks until they stretched.

Jskiddz, how many STF jeans do you own? It's been my experience so far that 20-40 minutes of very hot water is enough to bring the denim to an equilibrium point whereby any additional shrinkage from subsequent washes would quickly stretch back to the post-initial-soak sizing. This is based on my experiences with probably close to two-dozen pairs from various companies and of various denim types...

The only exception to this was my sugarcane SC40400N which I think is an outlier because those jeans aren't even made of cotton...
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Ok here's my second soak (jeans only). I would say that the waist did not shrink at all compared to my first soak..

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i really like the fit

i think i might have to get a pair now
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Yup that's an excellent fit. You will love those jeans. FYI they're very resistant to washing - they hold indigo quite well in water so you don't have to be afraid that washing them will ruin your fades.
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Right now they're almost riding up my ass, hopefully after a few wears they'll sit a bit lower.
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They will soften and loosen up after a while. Be patient
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very nice fit. I actually dig the cuff too, it seems like they'd be too loose at the opening to stack right.
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Ben is right STF is a whole other animal.
I think those look great, in the spirit of true "raw" denim. Like my dad wore in the 1950's early 60's.
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I tried to get my dad a pair of jeans but he doesn't want to wear jeans anymore
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