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SFAM Rhinestone Heart Jeans- $

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SmartBargains: Save on Seven at smartbargains.com....

Hi everyone!
Don't know if I'm allowed to post this up, but it's $79.99 for all sfam jeans! I can't order since I'm in Canada, but you girlies in the US can still take advantage of the sale

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Thanks for posting! They're all at 99$ when I open the link, but that's still a great price for GCW. I love the NAK ones with the hearts, too bad they don't ship internationally...
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They will deduct an extra 20% off the jeans from 99.99 to 79.99 at checkout until july 5th!
I love the nak rhinestone hearts as well tweetybird, and yes it is too bad they don't ship internationally
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God, I love Nakita wash...
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If anyone wants some and wants them shipped internationally, I'd be happy to have them sent here and then send them on to you... PM me if you're interested.
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You are a sweetie Lindsey, just Pmed you!
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Yes, you are!!! You just made my day

PM'ed you too!
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It's no problem at all!! Anything to help another member out...
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