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diesel copyright symbol

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Hi all,
I have just bought a pair of zathan 710s which have a copyright symbol in front of the 'D' on the diesel label on the coin pocket. I took them to a diesel store where i was told that because none of the other jeans, even the most recent zathans, do not have this on the label they were most probably fake. Other points such as the labelling inside the jeans (the three labels together with the indian head on top) not matching the ones in store, also suggested they were not authentic, although the indian head label was an exact match. I was told that they were very good replicas. I was pretty pissed after hearing this and would like to hear from anyone if they have a pair of diesels they know to be authentic but also have these characteristics. I would like you to prove them wrong.
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I own a pair of diesels with the R symbol infront of the d, i brought them from dieselofmiami who i am pretty sure sells authentics, so you can pretty much rest assure they are real
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Storeclerks can sometimes be innacurate. I have been given bad information by a few stores including the Diesel flagship store in manhatten.

I have authentic diesel 710's straight from a store that I just looked at. They have the R symbol on the coin pocket.

Hope this helps.

Rock on!
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yeah dude all my real ones have the R on teh pocket the shit fake ones i just got dont...youre golden
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Some older models do not have this.
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I have just bought some DIESEL Cardiels that I suspect may be fake. Can anyone help me out?

These are the things that arouse my suspicion:

The sewn-in tag has been sewn in with a different stitch and thread than the rest of the stitching around it. There is no 'Made in xxx' on the tag. On the back of the tag it says 'CARE INSTRUCTION [sic] INSIDE THE GARMENT'. Shouldn't it be 'INSTRUCTIONS'? Also, these care instructions that the tag speaks of do not exist.

On one of the paper tags it says 'WWW.diesel.com' - should I be suspicious of the capitalised WWW?

Another of the paper tags has the following information:
Article 001OLC
Fabric 0080P
Cardiel L.32
Size W L 32
PROD 4076
Colour 01

Is it possible to tell if that is authentic information?

Also, the sizing seems odd. They are supposed to be 34 waist and 32 leg, but they seem to be a lot bigger than my 32 waist and 34 leg Levi's.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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More info

More info:

The sewn-in tag I referred to is the Indian one.

There is no R on the coin pocket or anywhere else.
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from what you've said, i'd say you got a fake pair. cardiels don't have coin pockets, nor do they have that diesel industry white stripe thing anywhere on them. also, on all my pairs, the "www" is not capitalized. they do say "care instruction" though.
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How many sewn in tags should there be? Is it just the Indian one or are there more?
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All mine have 3... Indian followed by a big one followed by a medium one.
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Correction, I just recieved a pair of what I believe to be authentics to have only 2 tags... they were missing the medium back tag. I'm pretty sure they are authentic, but... does anyone know if this is an indicator of a fake?
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