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Are these good?

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how is the fit?
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do you think he'll take $600?
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the fit is loose, obviously. i personally would never wear them because of that, and they are nowhere near my style, but the denim is very nice. no idea what he would accept.
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Originally Posted by Sehnsucht View Post
do you think he'll take $600?
the question is 'will YOU pay $600 for jeans you know nothing about?' i mean, you can do a little reading in these forums and learn that very high quality raw denim in nearly any fit can be had for 1/3 of that.
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yeah I know all about pbj's, ih, nudies, sugar cane, dh. I own another pair of evisu genes I'm quite happy with but haven't made the jump to a pair of deluxe.. And it wouldn't be the first time I spent $600 on jeans I know nothing/very little about.

if the quality is good enough for skidder, its good enough for me!
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I think that you should try lower than $600, personally; DoM is typically rather generous with items he lists with a Best Offer, and something tells me that no one is going to snap those up at full price before he responds to you.
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