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Mikes new Grim Tim Nudies *pictures*

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I bought Mike some Grim Tims. He really loves them, however I am thinking he should have sized down one? I don't know how much these will stretch. They fit him perfectly right now, but he isn't too concerned about them stretching out. He really likes them. What do you guys think? I wish my SSK's were this stuff and rigid. These are going to fade nicely I think. Plus Mike wears the crap out of jeans. He will make great raws.
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Oh hi, I was just going to ask you for pics! Aren't they meant to sag? The guys will probably be able to tell you. But the waist will stretch and the length is good.

The back pic is hard to tell because he has his feet soooo close together!
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Oh hi Jenny LOL!

Um yeah they fit him perfectly everywhere. They do sag. The yoke is a bit different than other Nudies. They fit him perfectly though because he's so damn tall (6'4") and he has a hard time finding jeans that fit him good. He really really likes these. AND they have a button fly. I am so jealous.
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F*ck. A button fly. I am jealous too.
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Yes button flys are awesome. He was really stoked on the button fly. How about we just make our own damn raw jeans. This is getting kind of ridiculous... lol
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that's a good fit, i think they'd actually look too tight if he sized down. Only thing is, they will definitely stretch over time, so it's going to loosen up (tho nudies dont stretch all that much compared to most).
Also, I have gone from disliking nudie back pocket stitching to absolutely despising it. If I bought another pair of nudies, I'd immediately get the back pocket stitching removed.
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^word. those fugly pockets are begging for a seam ripper.
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I like the back pockets actually. And I'm sure Mike doesn't really care either way. I think he is just happy to have a pair of jeans that actually fit him well.
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you may want to size down on that!

like that they make your legs look like a turnip :[
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Plastic : Those are very nice raw denim, I think he could've size down 1, but they look good the way they are IMO. I'm not a big fan of pockets either, they look too big to me !

I think they'll stretch out 1 size!! P.s is that your boyfriend ? nice sleeves though
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His legs look shorter due to my crappy camera skills. He has nice long legs and is very proportionate. If they stretch out one size, oh well. I told him they might. He said he didn't care. So meh...!
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seam ripppit!
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haha you said 'he' should have sized down one. YOU should have sized down 1

They're good now but I want see what they look like in a month.

If you look right under the back pockets, there are big flaps of denim bulge, see if you can exchange them.

As for button fly, most guys jeans have them. Sucks for you girls, although with such a low rise, how many buttons can you fit, 2?
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The "butt bulges" are his wallet and phone!

I'm telling ya....the angling of my photographing skills is what screws this picture up.
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