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Mini Mail Day

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I actually like these more than I thought I would Problem is, these are super tight. I can button them... but

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They are super cute on you If the waist is the only problem, I would recommend getting a waistband stretcher, it does miracles!
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Those look awesome on you! I got a waist band stretcher and it really does work wonders...
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Is that NYD wash? It looks so clean. They fit you really well!
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I'm hoping that's it old or something and that it's suppsed to be hella tight for a 27. I need to eat less chocolate.
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Natalie, they look great!
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They look great! They don't look too tight.
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They look awesome! Super cute!
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Do you live in an old home? It looks like an old Victorian home remodeled.
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^I was wondering if she was home for the summer from school. =)
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Yes, I'm currently at home, but I'm leaving for Europe in 3 days I was going to move to DC... but then I decided against it because I decided I'd rather take my chances and apply for a year in Europe.

I wish! It's not a Victorian.. we're out in the suburbs... I think there are like 2 historic homes in our whole town I was bored and decided to take them in the parlor rather than my room
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