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I already PM'd Tweety about these, and she said they're fake. I just wanted to start a thread to confirm so I can direct the seller to the thread when I tell her they aren't real. Stupid me, I should just stop with the SFAM on my own, since I can never tell when they're fake or real.

SEVEN 7 FOR ALL MANKIND GREEN A POCKET JEANS 29 *LOOK* - eBay (item 200231267398 end time Jun-19-08 08:37:59 PDT)
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Oh, and if it's not too much trouble, can you explain some of the reasons you can tell they're fake? For me and the seller both. I need to learn.
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Lindsey, for next time just an auth. check here or PM me before you bid...

This pair is clearly fake:

- WDS green A's are HEAVILY faked and 702048 is a common fake cut# for these
- the wash is completely off
- the green A's are way too flashy compared to the color used on real ones
- the denim looks really cheap

Please have a look at the pictures in the A-pocket guide to see how a real pair looks like...
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I'll do that Ruth. Thanks for all your help!!
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Those are very fake. I hope you didnt pay and I hope the seller will do whats right.
The wash is off as tweety said, the placing of the A's is off as is the color of the green (its not quite that sharp)
The wash is off, windsor wash is lighter and you can see the distress marks on the thigh do not match that of the signature seven distressing.
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First thing I noticed was the wash. It isn't very flattering, really. Another thing I notice too is the whiskering. There should be 7 whisker lines on the thighs. Not sure if fakes have copied this or not yet, but they should look natural. The ones in the picture here do not appear to be natural looking. That is what I look for first, is the wash. It's hard to tell sometimes what is real and what is fake. I am still learning.
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I just wanted to update everyone...

This seller (Jennifer) was really amazing about the whole situation. She really honestly thought they were real and gave me several reasons for her thinking so. We decided to mutually withdraw the transaction (I never paid for them) and she had absolutely fantastic communication throughout the whole thing.

I gave her a heads up about HF and she said she was going to come join, so hopefully we'll see her around here now!! I just wanted to give kudos to her since she dealt with the situation in about the best way I can imagine, and it's so rare to have someone take the time and energy to rectify a problem on ebay these days. She was also very nice about the whole thing, and I appreciated that immensely. We ended up leaving positive feedback for each other- I feel she really deserved it based on the way she dealt with the problem.

Thanks again for all the help!
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^that's good to know! Thankfully, once on a R&R win that I hadn't yet paid for, I found out and notified the seller that the jeans were fake. He had no idea they were fake- and didn't know there was even such a thing so he was really great too.

I am by no means an expert on any denim brand but those just looked off to me altogether. Mainly the wash. And the back sort of looked like Levi's or something with "A" pockets!

At least even if things had gone awry, since you hadn't paid and sellers can't leave retaliatory feedback anymore, you wouldn't have lost out.

Hopefully Lindsey, you'll snag a GREAT deal on an auth pair soon! =)
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Unfortunately she has re-listed the jeans
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Originally Posted by satu View Post
Unfortunately she has re-listed the jeans

I don't suppose she will join the forum now then
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Whaaa? Ok that is messed up why would she do that???
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That's incredible

We should report her, here is the link:

Replica, Counterfeit Items and Unauthorized Copies

I already did it, if you all do it too, the lising will most probably be removed, that's the only thing we can do...
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FYI, the item number of the relisted item is 190231230494.
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Ohhh, that's too bad!! I guess some people just don't care that what they're selling is illegal...
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By what you said she seemed so nice :/ I guess she only cared because she got caught otherwise doesn't care if she sells fake items. Well I reported it as well hope it gets pulled.
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