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^Not when compared to the stuff right above you!
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Originally Posted by kubie View Post
that one is really awesome jacket. i bought one (which is really similar to) in sz 44 on yoox france VIRIDI-ANNE Homme - Manteaux - Veste VIRIDI-ANNE sur YOOX
Ended up, i returned it because it was a tag long for me at the length and the sleeves.....but the shoulder and chest fit like a dream.

and it's exactly the one that......

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I've been eyeing this orange trenchcoat of Zara.
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Originally Posted by Mihalis View Post
i want one of these for going around karpathos...

This one is one Hot Bike!! love it! This is definitely in my lust list!
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too much stuff...

let's do some self inflicted harm

ok, I've just bought 09 version, but THOSE are still in my mind...

then (random order), and I know some stuff probably is so and so, but I don't care haha

always loved this jacket

those or something similar, but in grey, I saw a pair at the outlet priced 232 euros, but I had to decide: UMC and MIJ raws, or those?
you know what I decided

is this pic stolen from tricky?

and other stuff
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Whats the last denim? Indigo stretch? But hell, those look like 21cm...
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Having that jacket pass for 232 Euros is really a sin. I say that even though I dont even like black leathers.
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^why that?
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oh, I wasn't clear, the 232 euros were referred to the lanvin sneakers
and the last denim are Preconscious stretch, 17.5cm MIJ
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OK, then it was a wise decision. Those jeans arent preconcious. Looks like indigo stretch from a few seasons back, but the legopening disturbs me. I am lusting those indigo 17.5cm quite a bit.
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Preconscious looks something like this:

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oh, well, you're probably right

anyway, this was the auction
sadly I missed the end
NWT | Diorâ„¢ Homme F/W09 "Prenconscious" Jean MIJ - eBay (item 160410177779 end time Mar-10-10 19:55:25 PST)

I feel them a lot

as long as pics have been removed, but I saved them, here it goes
not sure if those are the indigo stretch either...

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I think the 17.5 indigo is stretch. I heard they sucked though. I thought about copping those sheers from skidder, but the crotch looked like it was gonna blow.

saw those lanvin sneaks on sufu in my size at a good price(for lanvin), and still thinking about them.

I really liked the pic tricky posted of those NDC boots, but in his other pics they looked different and I didn't like the cap toe look of the front due to the darker shade. I love my black pair though

I'm going to eventually cop that BS piece as well, and I'm still waiting for my jakes
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remember to give a voice when they will arrive, and to post pics (if you'll be able to squeeze in them! lol)

and yeah, I really like your black pair as well
was late tho, so missed'em in my size

I think one day I'm going to cop the BS copy of the jacket hedi is wearing, since the original would be hard to find and would cost me an eye (maybe two)
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^^Those are indigo stretch not preconscious, for sure. I think I saw those over at SuFu before he listed them on eBay.
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^my bad!

I like them anyway

thanks for the heads up
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^I thought the sheers were different than the indigo stretch. don't know anything about preconscious though
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Wow, thats a really

ugly watchUhm, I mean Bling.

^^DK: I dont get it. The Sheers are different and the auction and SuFu listing Aldo and me are referring to werent by Skidder.
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ok, understood. I thought you were responding to me.
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Yeah looked like ^^. But Aldo posted something in the meantime, so it should have been ^^^
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the watch is only $500,00.00 tho its on sale XD
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I wouldnt even wear it if someone gave me 500. Maybe I would in that case

But only over night.
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