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^Looks better w/clothes on.
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^You've seen her naked?!!? Pm me please...
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In black... It will be mine )), probably cop in 3 weeks
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i want one of these for going around karpathos...

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that scooter is so hot, I love the silver color
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mihalis get a real bike they look so peasant.
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I want a pair of double-monks .
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I have an epic boner for this jacket. Cannot afford...

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that one is really awesome jacket. i bought one (which is really similar to) in sz 44 on yoox france VIRIDI-ANNE Homme - Manteaux - Veste VIRIDI-ANNE sur YOOX
Ended up, i returned it because it was a tag long for me at the length and the sleeves.....but the shoulder and chest fit like a dream.

and it's exactly the one that......

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so 3 years ago but BALENCIAGA HARNESS BOOTS! (i'm so deserate i'd go for the sam edelman knock-offs in a heartbeat too..) I'd even be willing to learn to walk in them!

(this is the sam edelman version)
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- Julius leather Jacket


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i'm a little obsessed with this bag

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Originally Posted by *Tee* View Post
I have the last body style and its going back in 5 months, im looking to upgrade with a Black FX or possibly go for a G37x? Still unsure....

Sweet ride!
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Tee - I negged you because trucklike utility vehicles should not inspire "lust!"
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^ I'm not sure if the ninja look would really work for you !?
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This is the "Lust List"
I'm not spending over $400 on a long sleeve shirt, lol.

So I'll just keep staring at it...
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louboutin alti pumps

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Baby those are sky high!

Make sure to size up in louboutin, Julz! It is typically suggested to size up a half size but I have to size up a whole size for this brand!
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Somebody please cop me.
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Looks like some safari photog steez.

But anyway:


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oh cmon shoebox these are perfectly obtainable within your pocket range
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Haha the CPs will be once I find a decent deal on them. Not gonna pay retail for light grey sneakers, though.

And as fo the Night Falls, I am too broke for those
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I want some Diesel jeans from collection, but too expensive.
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