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Originally Posted by darkknight View Post
I really liked the pic tricky posted of those NDC boots, but in his other pics they looked different and I didn't like the cap toe look of the front due to the darker shade. I love my black pair though
my N.D.C. Sandro boots, which are actually too small (I could cry all day) could be easily treated with some nice shoe care products to avoid the slight (it's just a slight cap toe effect) colour effect. I've bought all in all 4 Pairs (size 44, 45, 45 again, 46) of these boots in dark brown from yoox and one pair in grey. Quite a sum, I know, but I was always on the hunt for the best price and a size that I could walk without pain. Unfortunately I recognized the small cut boot too late to send them back in the first time.
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^I'm guessing the problem is with the width of your foot. My pair fit me perfectly in my euro brand size.
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^ my problem is that I missed this crazy sales forthose boots haha
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fuck I want this red leather jacket:

so hot.
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superfuture :: supertalk :: FS: 3 Hedi / Dior Homme Leather Jackets Sz. 44

I wish I had the money for the 4 pocket leather.... and the VOTC leather is sick too
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Brand & Price?
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