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The "Lust" List

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What is next on your list of purchase, be it next week or a year from now?

At the end of the summer, I'm getting a Chanel classic flap... If I can save enough.
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A long term lust would be a nice leather jacket, haven't found anything as of yet.

A near future, a pair of black raw for winter.
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New Flatheads for women if they don't look like crap on me.
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Near future: Dior Raw Indigo 19cm sz 28 (if the dior boutique ever gets any more in)

Future future: Some upgrades to my camera kit

Canon EOS 40D
Sigma 30mm f/1.4
Canon EF 85mm f/1.8
Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM (I can feel my wallet getting lighter already)
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Korg Radias

Technics SL-1200MK5

Serato Scratch Live
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^ Nice! Yeah, you've got to go Technics I've had Serato Scratch since 2005 and absolutely love it! It's a really good investment imo. Grab yourself a DJM 500 or later and you're golden.

I'm lusting for more denim, more Diesel and would love to get a pair of Diors but not going to happen for a while.
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2010 BMW M3 Sedan. Next fall, never buy a first year car.
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-edit:better than ysl rolling, fw0809 pierre hardys


-grey wool pea coat by woo-young mi (would love to share the pic but I think it's forbidden,well it's mid-butt length,fitted but straight cut,medium grey and black buttons)

-a nice turtleneck,offwhite or black,warm but not too thick (no idea who will be doing that)

-trip to punta cana or marrakesh with bunch of friends
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damn, it isn't on the site anymore, but there was this burberry prorsum scuba jacket that was BEAUTIFUL that i really wanted. it was $3,000 though.

im really becoming partial to baileys work, i never really liked burberry but the scuba-esque collection with the cropped pants and goofy sunglasses really changed my mind
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D300 or a D700:P
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Ella Moss Carlie V Neck

This is first on my to buy list after my shopping ban is over.
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Chanel Timeless Pearl Necklace

I was going to buy it the other day too, but they were out of stock at both locations. Ugh
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coat and turtleneck will wait actually lol,I'll catch some summer basics during sales:
-2 light pants at least
-2 or 3 short LS button ups
-around 5 nice (aka subtle) graphic tees
-3 or 4 light knits
-1 nylon jacket
-1 coach black leather flat messenger

heyo zara where you at
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Originally Posted by bergdorfbrunette View Post

Ella Moss Carlie V Neck

This is first on my to buy list after my shopping ban is over.
I have this dress in that color and it's really pretty!
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I really want these! They're not too terribly expensive ($215 and $278 ) but I'm a tad bit broke so we'll see.

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Something in 71J and a new winter coat (have had my black BR coat since 2003 when I weighed 30 more lbs). I might be finding both on HF.
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An Herve Leger dress, if it looks okay on me...
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I really want this Robert Geller Piece. It is a Chunky Knit Zip Cardigan. If anyone knows where I can get it, won't you help a brother out?

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i saw it on jake
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^Where can i find those boots?!
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^no where, they are are no longer made, also they retail around $1200
but you can try atelier, i saw one pair about 2 months ago, it was lining 4 holes
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I know it's not really clothing but holy shit:

Saw one in person today and I'm definitely lusting.
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i guess you may change yur mind when you see R8.
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I can't decide between the Gucci Joy Medium Boston or LV Damier Azul Speedy, but I'm determined to go through with this jean ban and reward myself with either one once I'm through

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