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How often do you wash your jeans?

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I am just wondering how often everybody washes their jeans. Do you wear them once, then put them back in your closet? Or do you wear them, then throw them in the dirty laundry? I am just curious. Thanks!
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I always take care of my jeans and treat them very very good. Particularly as i'm not a filthy bugger, not somebody who's in a muck sweat and wear each of my jeans only 1-2 times a week. Unless i'm really in love with a new pair. In that case i wear them more often, of course...

I really only wash my jeans if it's really necessary. That is too say when they have stains, or begin to smell. In case of the latter, it's in most instances enough to air them for a day or two, though...

So, yes, i put them back in my closet after i've worn them !

Currently i own 8 pairs and have only washed 2 of them, so far. Namely my slammer 71j and my trouleg 8HL. All the others, even though i have them since many months, are still "virgin" !

As long as they don't stink and as long as they're not dirty, you really don't have to feel unhygienic, even though you don't wash them for several weeks/months. I mean, they are just JEANS ! Wearing an unwashed tee/shirt/top, over a long period, would be definetely worse...

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I might wear the same jeans for a couple of days, but normally I wash after one wear especially if they have stretched out too much
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I like to wash used jeans I receive off of ebay because, well, it kind of grosses me out if I don't. But yes, I will wear the crap out of my jeans and then wash them. I was just curious because I don't want to wash them TOO much, ya know?
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I wash mine when I first get them (if they're used) and then after every couple of times (3-4) I wear them, but not after every wear. I also just put the ones that tend to stretch out in the dryer. The others are hung to dry.
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Ewww I hate hang drying my jeans. That stiff sticky feeling haha! Although it's necessary at times!
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i wash when they start to stink....which can be as little as 1 wear and which can be as many as 10+ wears

there's only 1 pair out of my 12 that I have never washed and don't plan to just to perserve the wash (zathan 764).
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Only if the stretch washes have become too large for me to fit into.
Throwing them into the washer solves that rather well. Oh, and I hand-wash with Woolite if they're feeling a bit grimey.
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Usually I wear them once, no more than twice before washing. Jeans just always feel dirty and stretched out to me, otherwise...

I always hang dry because I can never afford to lose length from using the dryer.

Plus, I usually iron them before wearing. Anal, I know.
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the only time i remember washing a pair of jeans was when my 71j stretched too much so i washed them and threw them in the dryer so they shrink

other than that its been a while
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its really bad for your jeans to wash them often. i'd say you should get at least 10 wears before a laundering would be needed. personally most of my stuff has never been washed, and some have been worn well over 100x.
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I just flipped my raw inside out and saw that what used to be perfectly white pockets are kinda yellowish now... maybe I should wash...
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i hope you're kidding
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Is this healthy

top of pocket white due to underwear.
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i don't even see anything
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^ You don't see pic or you don't see yellow?
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i don't see any yellow
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Well it's not very yellow, but you can definitely see that the left side (top of pocket) is whiter than right side.
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not sure if you realize this or not, but diors don't even start out with true white pocket bags. they are an off-white/cream type of color. basically they look dirty even when brand new because they are made of unbleached cotton. so even variation in the hue of each pocket is normal. thats probably what you are seeing. mine are blue now otherwise i would take a pic and show you mine that have only been worn once since a wash and are creamish colored.
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^ I didn't know that but the first time I saw the pockets they were white to me...

Here's another pic for comparison, on the left I removed yellow from everywhere and on the right I boosted yellow to the maximum. Clearly the top of the pocket is less yellow.

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do that again but include a pic of the actual color in the same size between them.
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^ yes master

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not sure why, but after looking at all of my diors i notice that mine are all really yellow in that area as well. the part not boxed in by the stitching in the upper part if you know what i mean. and 3 of those pairs have only been worn once. i think it has something to do with the dyes reacting to the unbleached cotton more than your personal sweat or them being dirty.
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I only wash mine if I have gone to a bar and they smell like fried food and cigs or if I get something on them, otherwise I just keep wearing them until one of those things above happens.
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^ agree. washing after going to a bar is a must!
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