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Seven for all mankind jeans ~ authenticating 7fam: start here!



  • First, check out the style on an authentic pair on a website such as Revolve or Designs By Stephene. Look for stitching, distressing, wash, etc. Many fakes don’t even compare! *Make sure the seller is showing pictures of the jeans you’ll receive… not stock photos!*
  • Ask for a cut number. This is on the inside tag and indicates what ‘batch’ the jeans were made in. There are only a certain amount of jeans that are made in each batch. This is one of the easiest ways to indicate fakes because ‘fakers’ try to manufacture jeans for CHEAP so they don’t update the cut number with each batch. Therefore, you’ll see tonsssssss of jeans on eBay with the same cut number-indicating fakes.
  • Check for the cut number on ebay by typing it alone in the search box and making sure to select the “Search title and description” box. If tons come up this is a red flag.
  • Check the cut number on Bianca’s site. The site is listed as a Sticky and is a list of common FAKE cut numbers. *Just because the cut number is listed on their, doesn’t mean it’s fake (the cut number had to come from a real pair!), and if it’s NOT listed, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s authentic*
  • Ask for a tag picture. The font on fakes, while they’ve gotten good, do not match, at all, the font on the tag of an authentic pair. There are fake/real tag pics below. REAL tags should have the CUT & STYLE numbers printed. The rest of the tag should be stitched.
Barcode fonts also do not match. If there is a barcode present, it should look like the example below. The 0’s should always be crossed.
Check a seller’s negative/neutral feedback using the link at the very top right hand of this site (eBay Negatives).
Check a seller’s present and COMPLETED items (Click “View Seller’s Other Items” and on the left side under “Search Options” check the box next to “Completed Listings”).

  • Tags differ from pair to pair. Most frequently you’ll find three tags: one size tag, then a yellow cloth one, and then one small horizontal “7 for all mankind” tag.
  • Sometimes there will be a small size tag, then a white paperish tag with all information printed on it (these have been faked too so be careful!) with the small horizontal tag underneath it.
  • The newer pairs (starting from the summer collection 2007) will mostly have a dark brown tag with white printing on it (see pic below).


REAL -Notice tag font (printed style and cut numbers) and barcode font

FAKE -Notice cut and style numbers are not printed

FAKE -Notice barcode font (0’s aren’t crossed)

FAKE -Note these are very good. As you can see, the 0’s in the barcode are crossed and font on the tag is very good BUT the printed 2’s should curve before matching the base (an example of this is in the next pic)

REAL-Note the curve before the base on the 2! It doesn’t just go diagonal/straight into the base as fakes do.

REAL -Notice the paper tag and barcode font

Notice that the size tag is now white and has a different font.

Other notes

-Also note that the 9 in the size tag should not curve but go straight down and the ‘for all mankind’ on the back pocket red tag shouldn’t be very shiny as they are in fakes.-Some older 7FAM or ones made to market in different countries have different logos like inverted V’s instead of the 7.-Original 7FAM has different tags and inside pocket fonts.
-The pairs with the new dark brown tags have the style name printed on the inside of the waistband instead of the left inside pocket.

I’m sure I’m forgetting stuff so feel free to add in and I will as it comes to mind!

Please remember: whenever you have the slightest doubt about authenticity don't hesitate to post a new thread with pictures so that we can make sure you don't buy or sell fakes, it's always better to be safe than sorry