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New mod!

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Please welcome TWEETYBIRD (Ruth) as the new mod for the Seven for all Mankind section.

She has proven her knowledge and is very helpful to the people who post in the 7fam area. I am sure she will be a great mod and I am very excited for her to get started.

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YAY yes she is awesome! Congrats Ruth! Thank you for all your help!
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Congratulations! The right person for the job
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Thank you so much ladies! I'm really very happy and excited to be the new mod and like I said in the "meet your 7fam mod sticky", I'll be more than happy to help everyone to the best of my abilities so if you have any suggestions/ideas/questions or just need help, you all know where to find me!
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Congrats Tweety and totally awesome for the job
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congrats ! this is a ++++++ for the section !
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Thank you all! Dijne, it's good to see you again too, where have you been?
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I have not much time for pc due to operation on my finger and a holiday of 3 weeks . I will try to be here more now you are mod
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You already know how I feel, Ruth!
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Oh yay!!!
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Congrats, Ruth. It will be great to have such a helpful mod.
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You're going to be great Tweety!
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