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nudies or somet?

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hey guys,

im debating between a pair of nudies and a pair of somets and was wondering what you guys thought of them? for the nudies, i was looking into a pair of tight long johns. they retail for 200 canadian and im not sure if they're worth the money or not. they look nice and they fit perfectly (like spandex, tbh) but i dont know how they'll stretch how they'll fade and if i should size down to a 24? im not a huge fan of the back squiggle pockets so i went browsing around somet on BiG and i found the Somet Ladies Slim Raw 006. I really like them but I don't know how they fit and if i should be sizing up, sizing down, etc. they're 10 dollars extra plus shipping so it's not going to be THAT big a difference.

ive been fitting into a 25 size wise these days so whadda guys think of these two? or do you guys have any other pairs i should be looking into?


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SOMET!!!! just call BiG and they will help you with sizing. they are absolute experts when it comes to helping people get their correct sizing and extremely friendly and willing to help.

same goes for selfedge. anyone would be much better served to just call them up and get assistance rather than posting threads here or anywhere else to get sizing help.
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