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I want to get these Blue in Green . . . A men's lifestyle store

But I don't know what size to get. I wear a size 28 in Nudies and I am a TTS 27. Anyone?
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I would go with a size 2 in the PBJs, or 1 if you want it tight. Japanese brands tend to be a lot less forgiving.
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How do you want them to fit? I got a size 2 for the pbj 1069 & I'm a tts 26 in the mainstream brands (sevens, diesel, etc.). While tight at first/were perfect or even slightly loose after stretching, the thighs were really tight. The way these jeans are cut are very disproportionate to most bodies imo. Imo, you should go for at least a size 2 unless you have really thin thighs.
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Originally Posted by Tsukasa View Post
I would go with a size 2 in the PBJs, or 1 if you want it tight. Japanese brands tend to be a lot less forgiving.
Listen to Tsukasa here, the 5% isn't the kind of stretch we think it is. He has some experience with Japanese denim as well.
Plus the proportions are bigger hips to skinnier thigh, I would wait for Apryl, I *think* she might be out of town? She was asking about Minneapolis in Diesel forum, so....
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My measurements-
Waist- Measures to almost 33" but it keeps shrinking. Usually I wear jeans that measure 15" across the back waist band. If they have stretch I can do 14.5" because it stretches out. I hope this helps.
Hips- 36"
My thighs are shrinking due to the fact that I exercise. I was thinking a size 3? It seemed like my size... ???
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^my size 2 stretched out to 15 inches across the back after wet stretching. The thighs are still decently tight. I think it would be a good size for you. 3 will most likely stretch out even more in the waist.
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^ Thanks! I think a size 2 is ideal for me as well. I am worried about this thigh thing though. I'm not the tiniest girl ever. I'm definitely curvy...
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PA, measure a pair of jeans you already own to get some accurate measurements. Be sure to follow BiG's measurement guide too!
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Hey girl! Yeah, I was MIA out of town. My pbj are a 2 and they are definitely my correct size. I am a tts 26 sometimes 25 esp. in seven and diesel. I think the 2's might be too tight on you, because I would NEVER try a 1 in these. They have not stretched out much at all. Hardly any in the thighs and a just a little in the waist/bum. I have not tried wet stretching them anywhere yet, though. I really have to work on the thighs. If you do some serious wet stretching you may be able to do a 2, but why do that when a 3 will probabaly work. I really don't think these will stretch out too much in a 3 for you.

They really seem to be made for a straight boyish figure. I am pretty small, but I do have some curve in the hips and bum. I think if I sized down one, the waist would be fine but they would never fit the bum and hip area.

Hope this helps. PM me with any other questions hon! ~
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The 1069's fit looser all around then the 1070's.
I have tried both cuts and the flares fit tighter then the slims waist wise. Thighs are always an issue with PBJ.
You are looking at buying the 1069 so you may be able to go with a 2 in this style. But Like apryl says they are made for boy type figures so you just have to watch it. BIG does do returns although you will pay for shipping and have to return within 7 days. so if you get a 2 and it doesnt work get a 3.
I am pretty sure Tone has the 1069's you are looking at. Everyone else has the 1070's which are not the same cut and fit at all..
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Yeah I am not wanting the flares. I am definitely wanting the slim skinny cut. I emailed Gordon from BiG and he seems to think I should be fine with a 2. I am so confused now because of what Apryl said. Should I just try the 2? I am not even close to being as small as Apryl yet I am getting into shape and losing weight. I have a small body frame but I am naturally curvy. I don't really have a curvy bum though. I am just afraid the 3's will be too big on me later on down the road. Thank you guys so much for your input it really helps me out! Oh and P.S. I am not TOO worried if the waist doesn't button up because I can hide it with my longer shirts and a belt. I am just wanting everywhere else to fit, at least for now. Hope that helps.
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Oh no! I don't want to confuse you! Well, if the 1069s fit looser all around, then maybe I'm not much help anyway because I am only speaking for the flares and I assumed they would fit the same. Maybe you should try a 2, then, and if they are impossible, exchange for the 3.

Yeah, I would try the 2 first, because if you buy the 3 and they fit OK, you still may wonder if you could've sized down to a 2 for a better fit...
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I just compared measurements on BiG for both the slims and the flares and it seems to be that the flares run a size bigger than the slims. So Apryl is actually equivalent to a size 3 in the slims. I am so terribly confused now...
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No. I just looked, too.

The size 2 flares have a 29 inch waist and the size 2 slims have a 30 inch waist.

So, the slims run a bit bigger (as mel said), right?
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And the thighs are the same on both size 2.
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I may not be helping at all, but by reading the measurements on BiG, i always assumed the 1069 ran one size smaller than the flares. Since Mel tried on both, I'd certainly listen to her though, she knows what she is talking about. I had a pair of 1069, but sold mine. The thigh part bugged me so much, I didn't wear them at all in the end.. The waist was huge, but the thighs didn't give at all, making the jean sag and looking weird on me. Thankfully we are all built differently.. I had the size 0 in these and am a 24 in Diesel, if that helps..
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Apryl bought my pair of slim flares in a 2, and they were so freakin tight on me. I am a TTS 27 and I think a 3 would have fit me so much better.
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I am going to shoot for the size 2's. If they don't fit, I will return them. I am afraid the 3's will be too big on me. But who knows. Thanks to all who gave me their .02. I appreciate it. I will also let you guys know when I receive them and let you know how they fit.
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^Cool. Hopefully the fit is spot on for ya (esp. with the slims running bigger).

And you should already know that we want pics when they come!!!
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i have the 1069s not the flares so my advice is based off of that
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I can wear 26's in seven's, depending on the stretch composition and I wear 27 in Diesels so I think the 2's will work. Thank you so much for your advice. I am excited to get these because I am afraid Nudies just aren't that flattering. We will see once they get back from the tailor.

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By the way, you should post pictures of you in your slims! I bet you look great!
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Just to mention, TTS means nothing unless you are talking about your actual measurements, and not the size you wear in a certain brand.
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I know. I put my measurements up there somewhere. I am going to do the 2's. See how it goes. How tight is too tight? I know Vickaaay had a problem getting them up over her bum, but now she is fine in hers...sooo yeah...I suppose if all else fails I could sell them on here...
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