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Auth. Check!

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I have had this pair of Black Extreme Sigs for a while now. I get confused with tags sometimes unless they have the obvious fake ness about them, like if the style number and cut number is stitched rather than printed. But apparently fakers make tags look pretty real and I don't quite know what to look for. Some other ladies in this seven's forum told me that the printed 7's on the numbers were supposed to be more curved, but I have multiple pairs of seven's that appear to have both curvy seven's and more straight seven's. So I am terribly confused. I really hope this pair in particular is real because I paid good money for them. (100+). Notice how one seven is straight and the other looks more curvy? I am so confused.

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If you right click on the image and click "view image" it will make it larger in case you can't see...
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They look real IMO
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I thought so too but why is it that the 7's are different? I mean one of the 7's on the style number is different than the cut number...
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P.S. Do ANY fakes contain the microstitching under the tags at all? Has this happened yet? Because all my seven's have that. So that means they are real, right?
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^ Those are definitely real plastic_alligator! Fakes have microstitching too so you should really go by tags. If you have any doubts about your other pairs, PM me pics of the tags if you want, Ill be happy to help you!
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Thanks Tweety that is very sweet of you. I will take pictures soon and send them all. Again, what EXACTLY am I looking for in the tags? The "7"s? I still am confused.
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It doesnt help that the sticky about fakes is not working, that would show you
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Ok this is what a real tag should look like

The two is the easiest thing to work out, notice its slightly curved and not straight and the font, its not really bold like it is on fakes.
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This is a fake tag

You can see the tag is way different from a real one. Notice the 3 in the size tag. The top of the 3 shouldnt be round it should be straight
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