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That is sooo cute Idalis! Is that a size 24?? I had a size 24 A pocket skirt but it was a lil too big so I ended up re-selling it.
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Yup, 24
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Originally Posted by idalis
OK, I feel this is gonna be a $$$$ week for me! Oops.

Just won this Havana A pocket skirt. Been wanting one of these for so long... Too bad I have to wait til it's warm (or til my aruba trip in january) to wear it! Guess I got a better deal since it's out of season though.

That is the cutest skirt ever!
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just orderd these from revolve. plus had a coupon for first time user and free shipping. total $158 not bad! so excited

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I got mne studded bootcuts for 57.50
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My 1st (& probably only) purchase this week, thanks to you girls & your inputs:


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from Amazon...

-h2o+ rasberry guava shower gel (it smells so good!!)
-five people you meet in heaven by mitch albom
-2 AA tees

woo hoo no jeans this week
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- Paige Laurel Canyons in Eastside
-Steve Madden shoes with kitten heels

Both from ebay of course!

And not a purchase.. but i FINALLY got my revolve order from 1 month ago.. yay.. another pair of Paiges to add to my collection. :P
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So far I've got a pair of Blue Cult Weekender Jeans for $43, a North Face Fleece Jacket for $40, 2 Ralph Lauren bags (not for me unfortunately) for $29 each, A BCBG yellow velour studded jacket for $10 (but I'me letting my mom buy it from me so she can give it to me for x-mas!) and a pair of BCBG yellow velour studded pants for $7!!! All from TJMAXX except the Blue Cults (those are from Marshalls)!
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I just bought a pair of Blue Cults Kates with the plum pocket stitching from Rapunzel's Closet (used a 15% off coupon I found here on the forum -- thx!!) Can't wait to get them... I don't own any Blue Cults, but tried on the Kate a few months ago at a boutique and really liked them! I can't wait to get them in the mail -- yay!
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My Pink A's came today.... and I officially have way too many pink stitched jeans! Oh well. I guess in a month or so I will maybe sell whichever I wear the least (pink signatures, pink hefners, or pink A's. No, the sugarplums are not an option!)

Just bought 4 Hollister sweaters too. Told ya this would be a bad week
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OMG! I went to leave feedback for my Pink A's and the auction has been VeROed!!!
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WTH. What happened Idalis?

I lied. I got another pair of jeans. I believe these are Bootcut Monaco's (thanks Idalis)! $56 shipped.

OMG I'm so retarded. The jeans were only at $45 about 10 mins. before the auction ended. I was hoping the bidding would get up to $50 so I could use the $5 off Paypal coupon! Well I put in a bid at 30 seconds & it only ended at $48.87! Another $1 and some change & I could've gotten $5 off! So I couldn't use a coupon for these. Oh well!
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That's why you gotta have multiple ID's... bid $49 with one, and $50 with the other
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Originally Posted by idalis
That's why you gotta have multiple ID's... bid $49 with one, and $50 with the other
I never really thought of that! I always wondered why some people have multiple eBay/Paypal id's! Now I know why. Oh well. These aren't a bad price for me so I don't mind. Plus the inseam is already hemmed to my exact length so I save $12 on alterations there. That's my justification!
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First let me tell you the back story. Last week I went to this new boutique near my house because they were having a big grand opening sale. I saw this awesome pair of jeans by a new brand I'd never heard of called Denim for Immortality. Unfortunately I had serious sticker shock... $262, and only 10% off on those.

Well earlier this week, guess what I found on eBay... and listed with what I will assume was a big error, since the seller had about 10 other pairs all listed with a reserve (a very high one too, since none of the others met it, some going as high as $162). This had no reserve. And I just won for $46.55

Mark my words... this brand will be BIG

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idalis those are hot, what a steal!!!
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Those pictures don't cover them in the least.... They have these tiny tiny mini-crystals around the beltloops, hems, and pocket edges and a few down the beginning of the side seams, so small that they almost look like metallic stitching until you look close. The button is a gold cameo with crystals around the edges.
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another addition...


argh my pink A's STILL haven't come..it's been almost a month. Probably just stuck somewhere in stupid customs...every once in awhile, things get stuck there....jerks.
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@#$%^&*! I'm getting out of control! I was going to get a pair of the dark Havana As that are on sale at WILLOW507.COM, but then a board member PMed me and asked me if I was interested in a pair of them that they're going to be acquiring instead, and I am definitely interested, so hopefully I will be getting those! Also, I just asked a seller on eBay if she'd do a BIN on a pair of CIH Flynts that they're selling, and hopefully she will. They're a size smaller than the one pair of stretch SFAM I have right now. I'm hoping they'd work even though I've heard CIHs run small because I'm almost swimming in the pair of stretch SFAM I have right now after a couple of hours of having them on. Also, I have a pair of TR DKV Joeys in the size that these CIHs are that fit pretty well.

. . . Or maybe it's just wishful thinking? I've been wanting a pair of CIHs for soooooo long now though.

Idalis, those are gorgeous . . . I'm definitely envious right now!
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Originally Posted by Linds
I was going to get a pair of the dark Havana As that are on sale at WILLOW507.COM
Oops . . . that was supposed to say WILLOW506.COM!
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The seller has listed another pair of those Denim for Immortality's in size 24 with no reserve! Anyone want?! There's also someone else who listed a 29 starting at $20 no reserve
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^ haha yea I'm looking at those right now! How does this brand run though?? Because I'm generally a 25, though I can fit into some 24s...
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They are TTS in my opinion... the waist runs a touch full, so I will be shrinking them
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OT, but . . . I just noticed your new signature, Idalis. I'm kind of sad that I wasn't home last night and missed all the fun in that thread!
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