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UPDATED - I finally got my sling & stones rachels =) *PICS ADDED*

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No pics as of yet lol they hurt like crazy and are so tight but im so glad after months and months of searching to finally have them Il post pictures either tomorrow or sometime soon when they fit a but better but i love them Thank you to everyone who helped me get them I think im gonna keep this thread for me as like an update in progress as well.

Pics added The inseam is ridiculous though.

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congrats! looking forward to pics
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lorna, those look great. They are really long though. I don't like hemming though. I hear with a little wear, raws stack better. My dior's didn't look good at first, but now i love the stack. so wait before you do anything.
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they look incredible

but hem them
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Very cool lorna, those look great! How do they feeeel I know from experience that is some thick stuff.
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They feel absolutely awful lol when i opened the package it was like cardboard and it took me 15 minutes to button them up and my thumb is still sore, its pretty much like wrapping your self up in packing tape and trying to move lol the pain you get from that is how it feels lol well how it did feel, not so much anymore they have loosened up a bit now but i cant move my legs very high Im considering getting them hemmed cause its somthing like 36" and i wear a 32" at the most so this stacking is A LOT and i cant hem them myself like i do all my jeans cause of the denim and i dunno if im happy with a tailor doing it lol they might mess it up, ive never been to any round here.
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I like them very much Lorna! They are just a bit too long though. But I like the wash I like the cut and the fit!! Keep Oh well I guess you didnt want to let them go anyway

Oh and the flower thing is really cute I loove that kind of things on girls
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normally im a fan of stacking, but i would consider a hem as well. Just a tad too long. It always looks good to leave a little stacking room tho
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Well I think they'll be worth the trouble!
Maybe you and Adam could do some research as to who to go to for hemming.
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you look fab (of course )
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Thanks begret I think they will be too, well they have to be i waited long enough
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Hello there

I love these on you (As if you didnt know already)

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lorna! these are awesome

hem 2 inches
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even with stacking they slight hemming.
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love em lorna.
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Those look great. For some reason I'm really attracted to the yoke stitching. I say get them hemmed though because they are extremely long.
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Wow, those look awesome on you! Did you stay tts for these? Now I'm tempted to one myself
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I got a 28 and im normaly a 27/28 They are so stiff though.
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Ooooh thanks for the info! Keep us updated on your progress!
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They look good but WAAAAY too much bunching up in your legs. Too much stacking looks silly so get them hemmed ASAP. I'm sure you can find a good tailor around your area. I wish my roommate could do it for you. She is amazing and can make anything look good. Let me know if you wanna...
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Few updated pics im at 20 wears They have stretched out so much and are so comfy now, i love them.

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Nice lungs.

Are you keeping some kind of little heart-shaped object in the back pocket?
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Lungs? Yeah its a wooden heart i wanted some sort of design in one of the pockets
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^^^B&B ben and boobs, jeez

I love the way they look with the casual flats. The heart is so cute as well! I think the back yoke is flattering too.

I'm guessing they have softened up a little?
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