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ID please!

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I got some new Seven's that are the Roxanne cut and they are super super dark, almost like a raw denim. They have the brown squiggle stitching and the style number is P179415S-415S and the cut number is 716231. Any help would be greatly appreciated. They are beautiful, but I am wondering if they are raws? I rally don't think so because they remind me of the 8AA wash in Diesel. But darker. So pretty. I will get pictures up soon once I wear them in a bit. They are pretty stiff right now.
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Mercer? Pics would be helpful.
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I know they are mercer. I just didn't know if they were dry or not. I don't think they are.

They are actually a lot darker in person. I am assuming they aren't dry denim. So I could wash them, then wear them right? I prefer washing my jeans before I wear them. Thanks!
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I don't think they are.. but wait for a second opinion. But, I'd make sure to wash them w/vinegar so that the wash doesn't run.
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They are not.... they are midnight mercer wash
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