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ID please!

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Can anybody help me ID these jeans? And around how much could I sell them for? They're size 32 BNWT, but the knee distressing has ripped further. Thanks!

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They are Nakita sigs. Not sure about what you would get for them, may be $60.00 or thereabouts cos of the extra distressing
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Hmm... Depends really. I'd say more like mid $70s since Nakita is so popular, but larger sizes don't move as quickly and the market is really unprodictable right now. I'd set up a BIN/Auction (w/the Auction start at 50% of the BIN asking) and see what happens. Lately, it seems like the best format to move jeans quickly.
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I am also having good luck with BIN with Best offer. Better than with Auction style.
I have no idea why.
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I've done a few BIN/BO, but I keep getting lowball offers like $30 on a $120 BIN. The way I figure, if someone wants it badly enough, they'll BIN it, and if not, then a few will be attracted to the low start.

I sold a pair of purple CCAR that started with like a $105 BIN, and a 49.99 start... someone killed the BIN and it ended at like $110. I've also had a few people just BIN outright. <- That's more rare though...
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I think its got something to do with hidden bidders now. People don't want to get shilled.
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They look like nakita straightlegs
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^ they are bootcut (075). Straightlegs have light blue sigs
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Thanks so much ladies! Is there supposed to be a distressing on the knee already? It looks like there originally was a havana-2-like knee distressing that turned into a rip...
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Yes there is supposed to be. It should be just the line going down and not the one across
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