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I dunno...Mistooli has iffy ratings. Lots of people unhappy with their jeans..
??? What do you think?
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Diselofmiami also has authentic Jucy and Miss Sixty. Raul is good.
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blm14 you say that italiandepot has real diesel jeans. Well I won jeans from another name that fausto used on ebay jeansoutlet and I never got my jeans. If you have any info of his like address, phone number, etc. it would greatly be appreciated.
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I see that fdstyle also has real diesels.

T1-Rider - in response to your earlier query - I got a pair of tiiners from italiandepot and they were definately real (I posted pix of them in another thread - the post pix of your diesels here one). I just did a quick check and it looks like jeansoutlet is someone else. The name associated with that account is JOHANNA MERCEDES not FAUSTO MARTINEZ. What makes you think its the same person?

Its been a while since I got the jeans from Fausto so I cant say what his address was - I tossed the shipping info a while ago.
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The reason I know that its fausto is because I received an email and at the bottom it said thanks italiandepot. I never bought a pair of jeans from italiandepot. My friend that bidded on the jeans for me emailed ebay and the info for jeans outlet said fausto martinez, so thats how I know its jeans outlet. Email after email with little response to nothing. So in an email my friend gave them his number, and fausto called up claming that he was on a trip, and that when he came back the jeans would be in the mail. That was mid july... still no jeans.
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I was just looking at ebay a few min ago and I noticed something between italiandepot and dieselofmiami. If you look in the background they both have pics of jeans laying on the same exact tiles. The guy from diesel of miami Raul seems pretty honest. So, if this is the same person operating these business on ebay, I wonder if theres a shot of me getting my money back or jeans at least.
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Sigh... this must be a joke. Why don't you accuse every other ebayer of being the one who sold you the jeans? I use ebay, perhaps I sold you the jeans. Just start asking every seller for a refund, and I'm sure one of them will give you one.

If the transaction was in mid-July, give it up. You're not getting your money back.
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A joke? I emailed ebay and jeans outlet was registered under fausto martinez's name, that's not a joke. And if you look in the pictures of the italian depot they have the same exact backgrounds, is that a joke? I think not. I also have emails from the italiandepot saying the jeans will be in the mail next week from july, yet I never purchased jeans from the italiandepot. Joke again? NOPE!
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italiandepot and dieselofmiami

italiandepot and dieselofmiami I have gotten Authentic Zathans from. So I can verify the ones I received are indeed real. I bought Diesels from 4 other people and all of them were fakes, I sent them a nice little letter telling them if they weren’t aware they are selling fake diesels they are.. and its illegal and will get you banned from eBay.. and they QUICKLY refunded my money. So now if I any auction is questionable I just send them this little email I typed out

"Hello, I have purchased about 5 pairs of jeans so far from eBay and they were all fake knock off Diesel jeans. I am emailing you to inquire about your pair that your selling are they 100% real and authentic? I have set up a little webpage with pictures I have personally taken of a FAKE pair of jeans and a REAL pair of jeans purchased from a diesel store. Please look at this link and tell me if your jeans have the SAME REAL tag with the MICROSTITCHING and the embossed hidden numbers AND the same stitched sides of the REAL pair of jeans.. once you see the pictures of the FAKE pair and real pair you will understand what Im saying. I have wasted enough time dealing with people selling fake jeans and I want to buy REAL 100% Diesel jeans. So if you know for sure that your jeans are real let me know and i shall bid.. if they are fake or even questionable let me know because I dont want to waste my time.. Thanks Here is the link:



so this way you seem like you know what the hell you're talking about and if they REALLY want to sell you the jeans and they are authentic they will email you back with a happy YES they are real. If they email you back with a shocked response like “ARE YOU CALLING ME A FAKE”.. then buyer beware you always have to gauge by people's reactions.
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