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Originally Posted by jskidder View Post
also, if you don't post a pic soon we will have to revoke your posting priviledges until such time when a pic is provided...
lol word
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given your height in proportion to the length of the jeans, i think you should have gotten the f310/3001. those don't stack right (or at all) because of the leg opening. also look too loose in the leg.

what you need to do is push all that bunching down to the ankle area and just wear them until they soften up and see how they look then. at that time you can decide to hem or not, but when they are stiff and new you won't be able to tell how they will really look.
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james - does the first hot soak pretty take all the shrink out of em?

I wonder if they could benefit from one more nuclear soak but only with the legs submerged
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depends on how hot and for how long. if you wore them during the soak my guess is it was neither hot enough nor long enough. to get out ALL shrinkage its best to use literally almost boiling water and keep them submerged for at least 4 hours and keep the water hot. or run them through the wash once on the hot cycle and dry them on high.
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it was only about an hour.. think ill give it another go.. a lil more shrinkage in the legs and i think these will be ok.
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They don't look fully dry. That is a looser fit, BUT I don't think it will look all that bad when the denim starts to settle. They're still too stiff to stack properly brand new. Due to your leg size I do think you could have gone for a F310 as well, but this will still give you a nice relaxed look. They look okay in the thighs, just the lower leg that's a little off.
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yeah. it actually looks like you wore them wet, which is what would have stretched the fuck out of the knees. do not do that. soak them without your body in them and do not put them on until they are bone dry. if you want to keep the waist fro stretching just tug the fuck out of it manually after the soak or stick something in the waist to keep it from shrinking. a waist stretcher would obviously be ideal.
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get the water in tub hot as possible and insert a coat hanger in the waist forcefully. leave em' for an hour and drip dry them for a few days, do not wear them until they are completely bone dry.
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thanks for the advice guys, gonna go to work on these
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So another quick update..

The 2nd hot soak I did in a steaming hot bath did these a WORLD of good. The bunching at the knee is gone, and theyve shrunk a bit around the legs and inseam some more. They'll still be a bit relaxed but that was what I was going for anyways. Right now the fit is great.

But, no need to post pics again until these have seen some good hard wear. Thanks again to all that provided advice here.
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