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Ready to give this a shot. (Updated! PIX pg. 2)

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Alright.. so after wearing Diesel for a long long time I think I'm ready to attack my first pair of raws. But, I believe I need some advice.

I've grown accustomed to wearing Zatiny and Trouleg in Diesel.. I do like the slight boot cut as straight and tapered legs tend to look a bit funny on me. I tend to wear a 32 in Diesel, but any future pairs I get I'll probably size down to 31 to allow appropriate stretching.

As much as I'd like to try a pair of Diors, the price tag is just too steep.

So I guess I'm looking for.. what brands I should take a look at? Samurai? etc? And what sizes would be appropriate given my typical Diesel sizing.

Preemptive thanks to the dry denim guru's around here.. I definitely need some guidance.
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nudie Regular Ralph Dry Selvage might be a good start for you. I know there's a serious amount of nudie hate here, but RRDS is a solid cut w/ a slight bootcut which is what the OP is looking for.
They are easy to find second-hand in the ~100-150$ price range. I would not pay any more than $150. Also, look at imperial kings. They are a tad pricier, but are also bootcut and the quality of construction is top-notch. They go for $265 on self edge, but once again are fairly easy to find second-hand. Be warned that imps are sort of "anti-fit", which is why they tend to get sold second-hand so often. They still look good on the right build however.
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for almost any of the japanese brands like samurai you will need to size up 2, so if you were thinking of 31 you will likely want a 33. i doubt any sams will fit as slim as you want if you are looking for a fit like trouleg or zatiny in the thigh. a lot of stuff is going to be just as much as diors, but some good pairs for under $250 would be skull, pbj, or some imperials. flathead is good too, but close to $300 for a pair. and you really won't find anything with a small bootcut in a nice raw jean unless you go with nudie or something more mainstream/generic.
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It seems as though Skull has a good number of bootcuts on self edge. Do these worth?
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i own some skull 5010xx, and I've found the quality of the denim to be top notch. Good fading properties as well. The stitching however is a bit suspect. They use 100% cotton instead of a 50/50 poly, and I've had some of my stitching come loose around the front pockets. But I'd highly recommend them over the nudies and imps, you'll really like the denim. I'm a 32 in zathans, went with 32 in skulls and I couldn't fully button them for almost a month. If I were you I'd size up one unless you're going for a skin tight fit.
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^- did they shrink much due to soaking? how did they fair after a wash or two
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^ They are sanforized, so no soak is necessary.
Post wash, once again, they are sanforized, so expect them to go back to about where they were when you bought them, while quickly stretching back out. They WILL stretch, so if they're rough at first give them time. Mine gained about a full inch in the waist.
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the more i look and think about this.. the more im feeling getting a bootcut in raw/dry is defeating the point..
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Yeah, I would say give straightleg a try. I used to only wear bootcuts and thought straightlegs made my feet look huge.

Now I only like straightleg.
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grabbed myself a pair of F380 flatheads with the new restock...

will have to join the fun in the progress thread soon!
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great choice dude. They are a more relaxed version of the F310, so if you're more toned or your legs are thicker, they'll suit your body-type.
I've got about ~50 wears on my F310's and they're coming along nicely... Flatheads fade pretty quickly
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awesome.. im stoked..
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For the first hot soak, should i wear these in a hot shower?

or just lay them in a tub of hot water for an hour or so.
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just lay in a tub of hot water for an hour, if you want to get them to shrink to your body. You don't have to wear them, but wearing them is the best way to control the shrinkage. Shower would be a BAD thing, since the action of the water hitting the jeans will cause it to lose a ton of indigo.
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guess ill have to find myself a good book.
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fucking fed ex.. taking over a week to get these to me.
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dont have em yet... shipped on the 9th.. tracker says theyre on a truck in my city for delivery, but not due in until Tuesday..

HATE fed ex.
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allright so my f380's finally arrived today and i did an initial fit test to see how the shrink would go and these are already super, super tight in my waist.

should i be concerned about this? or will they mold a bit while im wearing them during the first hot soak? guess im just a little nervous here.
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they will stretch in the waist, trust me. Mine were the same way, presoak. Post soak they may be even a bit more snug, but mine stretched QUICK (2-3 days of wear tops).
If you wear them during their first soak, you have nothing to worry about.
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these are the stiffest sons of bitches ever.. well.. off i go to sit in the tub awhile.

cheers hisma, you've been more than helpful.
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Sooo.. update!

First hot soak went well... they shrunk a fuck ton as imagined but I can still button them so I guess I'm doing well. Just wearing them around the house right now until they stretch just enough to look normal at the waist.

There is a significant amount of bunching at the knee and the inseam didnt shrink up as much as I thought it would. Will the knee bunching work itself out? or should this be a concern.
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they are pants. just wear them.
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also, if you don't post a pic soon we will have to revoke your posting priviledges until such time when a pic is provided...
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camera is charging.. will get some pics up within the hour

.. i know.. it was due.
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