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Are these auth?

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I don't know too much about sevens, but my vote would be fake. They just look a little off to me.
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real imo
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I vote real, too. Nothing about these look fake.
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Really? Lol. Well there ya go. I was thinking the pockets looked weird, but I guess it's more the way they're laying than anything else.
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LOL It's ok girlie! That's what HF is here for. I know nothing about authenticating R&R's except awful washes LOL.
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Haha. Yeah, I don't know much about seven's at all! But it's good to start somewhere. I figured I should branch out a bit and start learning more about some other brands! R&R gets pretty easy once you know what to look for- at least with the older styles. I don't know much about the new ones, but going by the wash is a pretty good way to start.
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