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Paypal Drama!

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I never had to do this before, so I have to request the wisdom of this great forum. I paid a guy (on another forum) for a item on May 18th. I thought I was paying with CC though paypal, it ended up being my bank account. None the less, the seller is being less than helpful, never responding to my pms. I don't even know if the item has even been shipped. If I have to request a refund, what procedure must I go though, and what do you think the likely hood is for me to get a refund..??

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so the seller never confirmed tracking information? just open a dispute on paypal... and i hope you still have those PMs from you to him ... if seller doesnt respond to your concerns then u can file a claim. ive done that before with a pair of fakes and it went well... im no expert tho so just wait on other pros =]
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If you file a claim and the seller has no tracking # for your item showing it was delivered to you then you will automatically win. Or so that is what I have heard. They have to be able to prove you received the item they can't just say they mailed it so if you file a claim you should automatically win. Best of luck hope it arrives though!
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I just returned something I got on Ebay for $12+$5 shipping because it was defective. The seller didn't refund my $5 shipping money, so I had to spend $5 to get my $18 back. I know, it sucks, and that's why I'm buying less and less on Ebay.
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I suggest contacting the admin on the other forum first....they might be able to help you with that member before you resort to filing a claim.
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