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First Pair Mess :( Advice?

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Well got my first pair of Sevens in the mail today, got them auth checked before purchased them and auction said they had a 34 inch inseam. They came today I tried them on and its a 30inch inseam I already emailed the seller but emailed them last week for tracking info and didn't get an answer so I have a feeling I won't get a response about this either. Even if I do I don't even know if I want to deal with sending them back and all that mess.

So what I really want to know is do I have a case with paypal with item not as described as the worst case scenario? Their auction says sold as is, no returns but they messed up in the description. I would love to avoid that at all costs & maybe just resell them. I need to know what they are first and any suggestion what they are worth with the 30 inch inseam?

Thank you so much, I have bought 4 designer pairs of jeans on ebay to date and had a problem with someone measuring the inseam twice! Last time it worked out they gave me a partial refund but it is just frustrating and I was really looking forward to wearing this pair as my first sevens...I want to scream!

Tag Says: Style U130055U-055U, Cut # 710133 (sorry tag pic is so dark the flash blurred it all out)

Here are pictures to help as well, no flaws I can tell seem to be in very good condition to help with the price they are worth? THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

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if the seller doesn't contact you, then you would have to file a paypal dispute asap.
im waiting to hear back from a seller for a pair that i received before i have to file a dispute.

good luck!
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I don't know how Paypal dispute resolution works but I definitely think you have a case. I know sellers measure differently but 4" is WAY off. However, I would wait longer to see if the seller will respond. Give them a chance to try & correct the situation.
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I have this same exact pair. They are NYD A Pockets. I LOVE mine. Sucks that they were not as described. You do have a case with paypal, though.
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Thank you that is good to know, never had to file a dispute before for item not as described so was not sure. Just now waiting to hear back from the seller, I just hate how if I win a paypal dispute I still have to pay to send the jeans back. I understand why just hate the fact it seems even though the seller messed up I am still out money for postage. Oh well thanks everyone I really appreciate it!
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It looks like they were hemmed without originals so you should definitely file a claim. They won't sell for that much on ebay. They're a pretty standard pair that has been severely altered so the value has gone way done.
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you just file a claim with paypal - not as described. They will have you send it back with a confirmation # and you get all your money back, including shipping!!!

Crappy seller, i'm sorry to hear. Depending on how much you bought them for you can turn them into capris or shorts.
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aww darn.. looks like a good pair too! i hope you are trying to dispute with the seller. i know its a long haul, but its worth it. one less scammer in the internet world to be dealt with.. keep us posted!
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The seller has a few bad feedbacks about auctions not as described but they have thousands of feedback so I kinda of just overlooked it since they have a 96.8% rating. Had not heard back through ebay messaging so emailed them today on the email they have on their me page to contact them with questions or concerns before or after an auction. So just waiting to hear back right now, not sure how long I should give them before filing a dispute. It is funny how their me page says all this stuff about please contact them if there is a problem with a sale before going to paypal yet they have not responded to me now & didn't went I asked for shipping information last week...ugh.

Well thank you so much for all your feedback everyone! It really helps to read what everyone thinks and get your opinion. I have never heard of them reimbursing your return shipping fees, I always heard that the buyer was out that if they had to return the item? Guess something to look into more. I thought I got this pair for a fair price but nothing cheap where I would just let this go when I can't even wear them. If they had just been an inch longer I could have at least worn them with flats and just ditched the heels idea.

We will have to see how this goes, maybe once I file a complaint with paypal they will listen and not have to escalate it to a claim *crosses fingers*. Well hopefully they just respond and paypal is the last resort of course. THANKS AGAIN!
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I had a similar situation with inseam but ultimately I worked it out with the seller. On another occasion, I specifically asked during the auction (and the Q&A was posted on the auction page) as to what color the thread color was. Turned out it was pink, not red, and once I complained to the seller, I never heard back so I opened a PayPal dispute. I filed a Paypal "not as described" and they found in my favor AND returned my shipping costs (which were significantly inflated to begin with so that was nice).

Those are cute. 30" is perfect for me...too bad those aren't a smaller size! I have A pockets but not in white- I'd love those!

I doubt you'd get much on Ebay b/c 30" and shorter is too short for many people (then again, I've found a few girls on the forum who do wear a shorter inseam which makes them more appealing I think- I hate waiting for alterations plus it's costly and I've had some alteration nightmares)!

Don't worry- I definitely think you have a PayPal case but don't delay- file now, then if no response by the seller within a day or two, escalate. Worst case scenario, put them on the forum! =) At least now you can leave the seller a negative but s(he) can't do a thing to you but leave a positive. If you got them today, take pictures of you measuring the inseam with something dated next to it (newspaper or online news). I know that sounds extreme but in the couple of cases where I've needed (or possibly needed) to return something due to seller's mistake, I like to have some evidence that the item is as I'm describing.

Good luck!! BTW...those would make REALLY cute crops. If you got a good price and they fit perfectly besides the inseam, you should consider it! =)
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^Thank you so much your post was very sweet & definitely made me feel better in this situation I had told the seller in both my trying to get a hold of them I was more than happy to take a picture to show them that the inseam is only 30 inches but I didn't even think about dating it. That is a really good idea I will have to find something around the house with a date on it! I didn't even think of that fact they may try to say I had them hemmed... wow didn't even cross my mind.

I realize I get the shipping back I paid to have the item shipped to me but I hear I don't get the shipping back it costs me to ship it back to them. Just seems unfair when someone buys something and then get screwed & has to pay return shipping. Guess it could be worse, maybe I can get them into a flat rate envelope.

I showed my sister pictures of the jeans seeing if she would want them and she has a longer inseam than me and is shorter than me. Funny how that works but she did offer to turn them into crops for me she has done it to many of her jeans so I will consider it. Seems a shame since they are so cool with the faded on the bottom and you would be getting rid of that with crops.

I guess in this case the new rule about feedback is in my favor! Depending how this goes I will definitely leave them negative feedback if they continue to ignore my emails. I guess they think I will just go away I would give them the benefit of the doubt of being out of town or something but they have auctions up & it has been 2 days without a response to my message on ebay or email. I think thats enough time.
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I can understand being out by an inch but 4 - thats bad.

Yeh its unfair having to pay return shipping. Make sure you send them back with tracking otherwise the seller could say she never got them

My first pair of fakes I had to send back to the US and it cost me £11.50. The seller wouldnt accept the parcel when it got to her, but as I had a tracking number Paypal refunded me.
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They probably measured the entire length of the jeans- from the waist all the way to the hems. People are retarded, though. Like everyone else has said, definitely open a dispute. If anything, it will get the seller's attention, and you would have a good shot at winning. If you do end up sending them back, make sure you get tracking!!
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