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Vitamin a swimwear (sizing help please)~

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Just wondering if any of you gals know how vitamin a swimwear runs size-wise. I am debating between a size small and extra small for the "pin-up" style bikini bottoms with the rings. I was going to order a small, but then when I looked at the size equivalents, it looked like this:

XS = 4

S = 6

Well, I never wear a 6 but I rarely order xs bottoms, either...

Any help would be much appreciated!
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Anyone? SouthernBelle?

Well, maybe I should just order both bottoms then and return the one that doesn't fit...

I hate returning stuff, though...
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We're waiting for pics
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It's this one, but I haven't decided on the colors yet. So many pretty choices to mix and match... Oh, and I might get a second top that actually looks safe for swimming!

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Let me rephrase...

We're waiting for modeling pics

And I agree, that top doesn't look very safe for swimming, but then, who swims with a bikini?
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PM JD( southernbelle) she will be glad to help you, she probably hasn't seen this post!
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hey apryl.. the boys of hf would be distraught if I didnt help you get the right one.. I know they want to see pics.. in fact one or two of them may have pmed me about this thread for you LOL

anyway I love vitamin a swimwear.. it does run a "california" cut.. its small kind of like a brazillian in the celebrity string bottom and in the superstar bottom the only two I actually own.. I usually go up one size to help with the coverage in the butt.. I also have a larger backside so that might have something to do with it too.

I havent personally tried on the bottom you posted. Anna ( annuish) also is a big fan of vitamin a swimwear as well so she might have tried them.

I know what you mean about fabulous colors.. I have been wanting the yellow one you posted ever since it first came out.. but all the colors are great.

anyway it will just depend on how you like your swimsuits to go.. I usually buy a bigger bottom to be safe. I have an xs and a s in the tops mainly the cosmo string halter top style.. and I honestly cant tell a difference in them.

Hope that helps.. feel free to pm me if you have any other questions.. no doubt your amazingly beautiful self will be smoking hot in whatever you choose.
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That is such a cute suit!! I love the yellow. Can't help you with the sizing thing, though.
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I was JUST about to pm you JD! I know you love the vitamin a line, too! Ahhhh, I seriously want so many of their suits right now! The L space line is really hott this season, too!

Thanks for the feedback! I called mollybrownswim (have you seen that site? *drool*) and they said that people typically do size up one size but the pin-up bottom runs a little bigger so IDK.

I will probably just order both size bottoms and another swim friendly top, too, to avoid any possible wardrobe malfunctions!
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